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How to Escape a Stranded Elevator


To get trapped in a stranded elevator is the real nightmare of all the people who live in the multistory blocks of flats. There are a lot of funny stories connected with that uneasy situation. The people are told to meet the New Year there, get acquainted with their future spouses or simply spend the whole night there. But what one should do if on some plain routine working day that turned out to be you who got stuck between the two floors in the elevator which has broken down?

The best decision in such situation is to follow the advices described in this article and take the things easy. Anyway you will get the hilarious story to entertain your interlocutors and break the ice.


Try to cope with your panic and get somebody to help you

If you have found yourself trapped in an elevator the main thing is to do your best to cease panicking. Try to call somebody to help you. The correct way to do that is to press the button that will connect you with the members of the staff who service the elevator. In the case this call button is broken or nobody answers you you may attract the attention of the other people living in the attached flats by loud crying about help. You may even knock with your knuckles against the elevator walls. As a rule it is a problem to make a cell phone call from the stranded elevator as the network coverage may not reach the closed places. Anyway is the call button pressing doesn't provide any result try to make as much noise as you can to attract the attention of the other people to your problem.

Wait for the help to come

As soon as you have informed the special service about your problem try to comfort yourself and wait for the help to come. You may sit down right on the floor even if it is dirty. The comfortable body position will help you to sooth yourself and relax. You may wash your clothes later. As a rule the special service comes relatively fast, in several hours in the worst case. If you remember the newspaper articles about the people who were trapped in the stranded elevator for the whole day and night try to distract yourself from these thoughts. Such stories are rater an exception than a rule.

If you can't change the situation you should change your attitude

Do you have a laptop, netbook or a tablet PC? You may use these devices to kill the time. Perhaps you have some pocket book with you. Sounds great! When else could you find the whole hour to get absorbed into the book fully?Even if you don't have anything with you you may be quite happy that the life has sent you the chance just to sit quietly and to analyze your problems. If you are not alone in the trapped elevator you may make friend with the other person. Talking about everything in the world is the perfect way to kill the time.


  • Don't try to get out of the elevator on you own. That may be quite dangerous.
  • Don't panic. Anyway the stories about the lack of oxygen are noting more than city folklore.
  • Don't waste the battery charge level on your cell phone. Use it only when you really need it.



Try to develop the positive attitude even in such unpleasant situation. Who knows who will be the people you get trapped with? You may meet literally anyone from your future boss to your future wife in the stranded elevator. Breathe normally and try to calm down. Treat this situation as the long traffic jam.

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