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How to Edit a Pdf


Most documents we find online and want to download are PDF files. PDF is a very convenient format for reading and storing all kinds of documents. But there can be inconvenience connected with PDF files. Even though it is a very popular format, it can't be edited with the programs we are used to apply. The thing is: PDF documents are coded in a special way, and they can't be edited in Microsoft Word. If you want to edit PDF files you are going to need a special program that works with PDF files.

The process of editing PDF files has a lot in common with editing Microsoft Word documents, all the manipulations are pretty much the same. It shouldn't be hard at all as interface of any PDF editor is rather simple and there is nothing complicated about it. It is going to allow you to work not only with written texts, but also with all kinds of tables and images.



Editing PDF as is

Download a PDF editor. Adobe is considered to be trustworthy, it provides many quality programs and you may use one of them to edit your file. There is a wide choice of other programs on the Internet, both free ones, and the ones you have to buy - it is your choice. There are many online PDF editors, and if you are planning on editing only one file this one time, it may be convenient to edit it online.

If you are editing PDF file online, make sure you removed all the personal information before you upload the file to edit.

Use your quality Antivirus to check the file you are downloading.

If you find an instruction, read it first to get an idea about how to edit a PDF file.


Converting PDF then editing

There is other way to edit PDF files: you may convert PDF to MS Word and edit MS Word file. Converting PDF to MS Word should be simple and if you have a scanner you probably have a program for that (e.g. FineReader).


  • Do not try to re-write the information on a piece of paper: it is a waste of time.
  • Do not try to open PDF files in Paint and edit them: it is not going to work.
  • Do not download programs from a dangerous site.
  • Do not download a program from a site that is unknown to you unless you have a quality instant Antivirus.
  • Do not print PDF files to make notes with a pen or a pencil - it just doesn't seem like the right or neat solution.


To sum up: there are two ways for you to edit a PDF file:


PDF Editor

Using a PDF editor: a free one or a paid one, if you don't trust the site, do not purchase editor, this way it is better to buy it in a store.


Converting PDF to editable format

Using a PDF to MS Word converter and editing your file in MS Word.

Your choice may depend on how many tables or images there are, if it is just text, converting sounds like the right choice.

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