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How to Dress Popular Affordable At Summer Camp


Fine feathers ought to make fine birds, especially if you arrive to a new place crowded with new people. Your outfit if the first thing that people notice, and it helps them make up their minds on what kind of personality you are. Of course, the specifics of such place as summer camp don’t allow you to wear your fancy dresses and stylish shoes, but you still can look great and become popular in a summer camp without dressing to kill. Check some tips to avoid common mistakes and pack the right clothes.

Pack the essential clothes

You’ll need 2-3 pairs of shorts, a skirt, a pair of jeans, dresses, a swimsuit, warm clothes (hoodies, jackets) sneakers, flip-flops, etc.

Pack accessories

Although you can’t pack lots of clothes when you go to the camp, you can create fancy ensembles by mixing your clothes with different accessories. Hats, bandanas, earrings, knee highs, and other accessories will do the trick. Read fashion magazines to know what’s trendy these days and learn to combine different textures and colors. You can buy some body glitter and neon nail polish to look great by the campfire.

Choose flattering colors

Opt for clothes that complement your eyes, complexion, and always combine clothes of matching colors.

Opt for popular and inexpensive brands

Such companies as H&M, Hollister, and Victoria’s Secret make great clothes that will sure make you popular among other campers. Thus, you’ll look pretty and stylish without forcing your parents to spend a lot of money on your clothes.

Hunt bargains

You can buy clothes at low price even if the desired brand’s cost is above the average. Check the Clearance and Sales sections on http://www.jcpenney.com, http://www.6pm.com and other popular websites to pick gorgeous outfits at the lowest prices.

Buy a nice swimsuit

Beautiful swimsuit makes 50% of your success while in the camp. You can opt for girly bikinis or trendy tankinis depending on your type of figure.

  • Don’t wear ugly baggy clothes even if the event or environment requires supercomfy clothes. You can always compromise and find a good alternative. For example, choose yoga pants and fancy hoodie instead of ugly sweatpants and loose tee when camping in the woods. Thus, you kill two birds with one shot – look pretty and feel comfy.
  • Don’t overpack. There’s no need to bring your entire wardrobe to the camp. Remember that this is not a fashion show, so just relax and have fun.
  • Don’t wear too glamorous clothes. Other girls in the camp probably won’t dress like that, and you don’t want them to tag you as “upstart” and hate you.
  • Don’t buy yellow, white, or light green swimsuits if you have very pale skin. Opt for brighter colors. You can take two different swimsuits and wear a brighter one until you get some tan. Once your skin looks better, feel free to switch to other colors. If you have any hang-ups about your body, take a pareo and wrap it around your hips.



Wild nature and camping in the woods shouldn’t stop you from looking nice and trendy. Your prime goal is to combine comfy and fancy and still look beautiful. Hopefully, our tips will help you plan your wardrobe for your summer vacations and become the most popular and stylish girl in the camp.

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