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Night dreams is the only time when we can meet our subconsciousness and get the answers to the questions that bother us when we are awaken but can’t find the solution. Besides, a fancy dream can raise your spirits for the entire day and make the moment of awakening pleasant and cheerful. You can “program” yourself prior to going to bed and get the dreams about people and events that you want. Here’s how.


The quality and character of your dreams depend on your evening activities. Try to calm down and eliminate any strong emotions and distracting factors. Take a shower or hot tub with foam and essential oils, wear comfy clothes, and do something relaxing.

Imagine your dream

There’s no point in creating a detailed plot. You won’t see Brad Pitt proposing you on the Hawaiian sunset background even if you want it desperately. The point is our brain works according to its inner logic, so what you want to do is imagine the theme of your dream. It can be a problem that worries you or a person that’s in your mind. Think about the theme several times and write it down on a sheet of paper.

Program your mind

An average person can see up to 5 dreams during the night, and usually we memorize only the last one. So, “program” your mind on waking up right after the desired dream.

Prepare to remember the dream

The tricky part of dreaming is the fact that we can forget the dream immediately after the awakening. Put a pen and a notebook next to your bed to write down your sensations right after the awakening. Try to “capture” the dream, lie with your eyes closed, don’t move, and concentrate on memorizing. Some people say that looking to the open window when you wake up makes you forget your dream. It’s not a proved fact, but you should try to avoid it.

Fall asleep

Do it slowly, don’t try to fall asleep right away. Lie for a minute and think about your dream again. Then, slowly release your mind and let it travel the world of your subconsciousness.

Interpret the dream

You won’t get a cinema-like movie every time. Sometimes, our dreams look like a mess and appear to be very weird. However, that’s how your brain works when isn’t controlled by consciousness. Analyze the details and try to understand what they mean.

Don’t overeat before you go to bed

Overeating makes your body and brain work hard to digest the food and you just can’t have nice dreams. Make sure your dinner is light and taken not later than 3-4 hours before you go to sleep.

Don’t fall asleep or wake up instantly

Let your body and mind hang out in that “in between” state – it’s the best thing for any spiritual practices.



If you approach to your dream-planning consciously and seriously, you would doubtlessly get the desired answers. If you keep practicing this technique every day, you would be able to make your subconsciousness help you solve your problems and be your guide in decision-making process.

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