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How to Draw the Eiffel Tower


Eiffel tower is a symbolic of Paris. Along with Louvre and Notre dame de Paris it is the most well-known thing. French for Eiffel Tower is La Tour Eiffel. It is named after engineer Gustave Eiffel, who created it. It was built in 1889 and is more than one hundred and twenty years old. Some time ago many believed that the large iron tower is an ugly scar on the beautiful face of Paris, but now most people think it is a masterpiece. Eiffel Tower looks magnificent at night with a plenty of lights and is one of the most famous cultural sites of France.



First you have to draw the outlines. Start with Eiffel tower’s “legs”. In the picture above only 2 of 4 legs are visible. Start by drawing their base – two short horizontal lines of the same size. You have to mind the scale: if those base lines are 1 inch long, then they should be ~ 2,5 – 3 inches apart.

The bottom part

Draw a half-circle to connect the base lines. If you have a pair of compasses, you can use them to draw that half-circle. Find a midpoint of the half-circle and draw a horizontal line above it – this is the sort of balcony an Eiffel tower has. Complete drawing Eiffel tower legs by connecting the “balcony” line with the base lines. The first section of Eiffel tower is done.

The middle part

Draw the second section of the tower and finish it by drawing another horizontal block that reminds a balcony. The last section of the Eiffel tower goes up and is a little curved in.

The top part

Draw the tip of the tower. At this point you only have Eiffel tower outlines, to draw all the metal rods, you have to divide the tower in small square cells and simply draw grids shaped as snowflakes in each cell. See the picture above.


Don't get upset if you can't draw an Eiffel Tower! There is a neat trick: you can print it out, cover the picture with a blank sheet of paper, press both sheets to a window and simply copy the drawing with a pencil. It is a great practice, do that 1 or 2 times and you will learn how to draw Eiffel Tower.



Drawing an Eiffel tower can seem to be pretty hard, with all its metal rods and weaving. But it is pleasant and soothing, it is a great hobby, and drawing Eiffel tower is not as hard as one may think. Just get a pencil and a sheet of paper and get started!

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