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How to Draw an Owl


Drawing an owl is easier than it seems. You don't have to draw every single feather, and your owl doesn't have to look exactly like a real one. In fact, you can draw anything or anyone you like using a very simple technique - only straight lines and simple geometrical figures. Directions given below will help you / your child draw the cutest little owl.



First of all you need to draw its belly - it is the easiest part. It can be egg-shaped or oval. If your owl is turned, an oval should be a little bit inclined.


The head of an owl should be round. It can be small or big - the choice is yours. If you go with the small head, your owl will look older and its belly will look bigger.


Draw an imaginary horizontal line crossing owl's head - this is the eye level. Owl's eyes should be round too . Before you draw pupils, decide whether or not you want your owl to look angry. If you do, draw the pupils higher, if you don't - draw them right in the middle.

Eyebrows & Beak

If your owl is vicious, draw two inclined lines, you can even connect them. If you want your owl nice and cute, forget the eyebrows. FYI: eagle owl high eyebrows (or what looks like eyebrows) are actually ears. A beak is the easiest thing to draw. It looks like a long drop turned upside down.


Draw two ovals, and make their bottom curves a little sharper (as feather tips are sharp). Draw feathers. If you are going for a cute owl, draw semicircles so owl's chest is "wavy". If you are drawing an angry owl, draw some feathers on its chest and the bottom part of its wings.


It can be little claws grasping a tree branch or scary sharp claws of a predatory bird. If you go with the small ones, just make a few short strokes of a pencil. Draw a tree and C-moon (an owl is a night dweller, remember?)


  • Don't press on your pencil too hard - you will have to erase some of the lines as you draw objects that "block" them.



An owl is a magnificent bird: it is cute and dangerous at the same time (especially eagle owl, a king of howls). We hope you enjoy drawing it, it can be pretty hard but you can master your skills with time and get really good at it. An eagle owl is the best thing you can draw.

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