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How to Draw a Zebra


If you are a parent? you may have come across the request to draw the zebra. Zebra is often used as a character of many fairy tales for the children. If you open some children's book you will always find the illustrations depicting zebras as the main characters of the narration. The modern children would remember the zebra from the cartoon called Madagascar. In fact the Madagascar zebra is very funny and nice indeed. Any way it doesn't matter which f the zebras pops up in our mind as it is required to draw it.



  • First of all to draw any object of the surrounding reality you need to imagine it split into the set of the most primitive geometrical figures like rectangles, circles or ovals. Look at the picture of the real zebra. It consists mainly of the ovals of various shape and size. Even the back legs which usually present the main difficulty for the beginning artists may be depicted as the bent lines with the oval upper part.
  • Take the sheet of paper and the soft pencil. Applying little effort draw the simplest figures that will make up the silhouette of the horse. Start with drawing the central axis. That will prevent you from drawing the non-proportional figure. Start with drawing the large stretched oval. That will be the body of your zebra. Now draw the oval-shaped neck and add the head. -The lines of the oval may interfere each other's space. That is absolutely normal as you will take the eraser and remove them in the end.
  • Proceed with adding the ovals. The upper parts of the beck legs are the two ovals two. Draw the lines of the legs. Sketch the mane of the zebra. Now you have got the base for the sketch. Start drawing the smaller tails one by one. -Draw the rectangular feet. Start smoothen the lines. The natural contour of any animal has the mild inclines and curves. Draw the curvy back legs.
  • Erase the areas that seem to deform the natural shape of the zebra and draw the necessary lines once more. Now take the softer pencil and draw the whole silhouette of the zebra. You have got the flat picture. Take into consideration that the animals have the voluminous body.
  • To add volume use the play of light and shade. Use the short strokes to show it. The dark shades make the silhouette look like the natural line. The light usually comes from one source.
  • Now take the eraser and add the light reflexes. These are the lightest points on your drawing. In those points the light reflects from the body fully and the person perceives these areas to be almost white.


  • Don't start drawing the zebra with applying too much effort on the pencil. Hold the pencil in your fingers and just make the light strokes. If you draw the bright and the thick lines you will experience some difficulties trying to erase them later.
  • Don't hesitate to use the pictures of the real zebras as the examples for your picture.
  • Don't give up drawing if something seems difficult for you. This activity needs some practice. The more pictures you draw the better will be the next one you create.
  • Don't forget about the black and white lines on the back of your zebra. Without these lines it will remind a horse.



It is better to split the whole process of drawing a zebra into several logical parts. Carry out each step one by one.

If you wish to draw the horse you may draw the zebra but omit the step with drawing the lines on its back.

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