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How to Draw a Star


Drawing is easy once you start thinking of surrounding objects as sets of geometrical figures. Any object can be represented as a set of figures, even an animal: there is always a head that can be either round or oval, and body that is usually oval. A star is one of the easiest things to draw. If you can write the letter A, then you can draw a star. In this article we will give you simple instructions on how to draw a neat star fast.


How to draw a 5-pointed star.


As mentioned above, if you know how to write the letter A, then you can draw a star. Draw the first two lines of the letter A to get this symbol – ?.


After you draw the symbol ?, continue without removing pencil from the sheet of paper, draw a diagonal line going leftwards – to the future left point of the star. Draw a diagonal line going rightwards, so your symbol reminds an A.


Complete the star by drawing the last line going form a diagonal line to the left bottom point. In the picture above you can see how exactly your pencil should move when drawing a star.


Erase lines that aren’t supposed to be visible. To give your star some volume, draw lines going through the “inner” corners to the points of the star. Color the star making some of its parts darker (video).

How to draw a 6-pointed star.

Draw an isosceles triangle: first you have to draw a horizontal line, find its midpoint above which the tip of the triangle should be. Draw another triangle turned upside down. Centers of the triangles should coincide. Erase the lines inside the star and color it.


  • Don't get upset if you can't draw a star yourself, all you need is a ruler and maybe some practice
  • Don't forget to get an eraser, you will need to erase some lines inside the star.



As you see, drawing a star is rather easy, all you need is a pencil and some time. There is a plenty of ways to draw a star! Don't be afraid to experiment - add more points to your star and etc. Use crayons or brush and paint to complete your drawing.

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