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How to Draw a Snake


A snake is one of the easiest things to draw: you don’t have to be afraid you may get its body wrong as it is basically a ribbon. Although there are a few rules you need to follow and a few tricks you need to know in order to draw a snake well. Here we will give you step-by-step instructions on how to draw a snake. Once you learn how to do that, you can draw a lizard, a dragon or some other similar creature, so prepare pencils and paper and let's begin!




As you already know, most drawings begin with drawing circles. To draw a snake, first you have to draw three ovals. Those ovals have to rest on each other. Draw the first, the longest oval lying on the side. It has to be narrow, too. Then draw a shorter oval lying on the first one. The third oval goes on top of the second one and is even shorter, although all three ovals should have the same width. At this point your ovals are supposed to remind some sort of a pyramid. These circles – are snake’s body.



Draw snake’s tail that goes up from under the bottom oval (or the top oval, like it is shown in the picture above). If it is a rattlesnake, draw 3-4 circles close to its tip – this is how a snake rattle looks, it’s like another pyramid of circles at the tip of the tail.


Neck and belly

Draw snake’s neck coming up from the top body oval (in the picture it rises from the bottom one, but it is harder to draw). It has to be S-shaped. Snake's belly is divided in sections, like in the picture. It is for you to decide how big those sections should be. Besides, it depends on the scale of your drawing.


Head and tongue

Drawing snake head the way it is shown in the picture above can be a little bit hard for a beginner, this is why we suggest you draw an oval head. Not only is it easier, it is correct. Draw a small oval and an eye. An eye has to be round. Draw two smaller circles inside the eye and color everything but those two circles so it looks like snake’s eye sparkles. After that simply draw a Y-shaped tongue and color the picture if you want.


  • Don't be upset if you can't draw a snake on the first try: print it out, place a blank sheet of paper on it and copy the picture. Next time you will be able to draw it on your own - it's all bout practice.



Drawing a snake is easy, and it is a great way to stretch your imagination - a snake can get into any position, that's the beauty of it. Try to experiment, choose a color for your snake and have fun drawing it! With time you will learn to draw realistic snakes.

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