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How to Draw a Cartoon Person


Both children and adults watch cartoons with pleasure. Some of them get so inspired by the tricks of the cartoon characters that they start wishing to create their own cartoons based on the real or imaginary stories. That may be easily done with the plain thick notebook and some hours of work. But what to start with if they don't know how to draw cartoon people? So here are the simple steps which will help you to draw the funny cartoon persons to be the first characters of your cartoon saga.


  • Take a pencil and a plain paper sheet. Try to draw the simplest geometrical figures at first. These plain objects will be the basis for the parts of the cartoon person. These figures should be the most primitive ones such as ovals, squares, circles and plain rectangles. The matter is that even the most complicated object in the world can be divided into several simple shapes and drawn easily.
  • Pay attention to the fact that the body proportions and shape of the cartoon character differ from the ones of the real people. You may look at the photo of your friends and the sticker with the cartoon person and compare the bodies.
  • You will see the explicit obvious difference. It is a wide-spread method when the funny caricature of the real person is used to create the cartoon character. The professional artists use the deliberate exaggerating of some details (facial features, body peculiarities or some clothes items or accessories).
  • Take another sheet of paper and draw two ovals. Try to fill the first oval with the details of the real human face. Take the soft pencil and draw the lines that will divide the parts of the face. Draw one of the line on the level of the eyebrows, the second one should touch the tip of the nose and the third line should touch the lower lip. Now draw the second oval on the same level with the face of the real human you have just drawn. Look at the facial contours of the real human face and start drawing the cartoon face exaggerating or minimizing some of the features but follow the basic proportions. Use another figures. For example draw the small circle instead of the long protruded nose. -Use the same shapes but change their size. If you are going to draw a cartoon child you may draw the same shaped almond eyes but make them much more bigger. Pay attention that in that way you will be able to underline some traces of character typical of your cartoon person. Don't forget that the mouth should be drawn with the same lines as the eyes. Try various variants!
  • Think of the proper hairstyle for your cartoon person. Draw it in the simple plain lines. Try to see if that hairstyle suits the face. Take into consideration the personality of your cartoon character. You may also add mustache, beard, glasses or hat.
  • Draw another oval or rectangle under the face. Divide it into the proportional parts with the thin lines. Draw the lines which will become the arms. You may use the previously described method and draw the body of the real human at first to customize it later.
  • After you have drawn all the parts of the cartoon person you may erase the auxiliary lines. After that you may color the person if you wish. Use the plain colors and don't overload the picture with shades.


  • Don't apply too much effort holding the pencil or you may find it difficult to erase the lines later.
  • Don't neglect using some objects as the examples. The wooden Ikea human figure may help a lot.
  • Don't be upset if you can't succeed at the first time. You need some practice.



Another good idea is to draw the parts of the cartoon character on the separate sheets of paper, cut them out and attach to each other with the threads. You may also try to animate your character and make a funny cartoon. If you want your cartoon character to look like a person you know - exaggerate the features of this person so that it will be clear who is painted.

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