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How to Draw Spiderman


"Spiderman, Spiderman, does whatever a spider can, spins a web, any size, catches thieves just like flies…" If you are the kid of 80s, this song doubtlessly brings you back to your happy childhood. Indeed, Spiderman is probably the most successful Marvel projects ever. Years pass by, but Peter Parker's alter ego remains as awesome as it used to be back those days. Follow this step-by-step guide to draw the coolest comic book character.


We are going to draw Spiderman in his classical position: flying, with his legs spread and tucked up.

  • Draw 2 triangles: the upper one pointed down, and the second one pointed up and attached to the first one on the right so that the upper corned starts directly in the middle if the right side of the first triangle. Note that the upper one should be slightly larger than the second one.
  • Inscribe the egg-shaped circle in the upper triangle. That's going to be his head.
  • Then, draw the smaller egg-shaped element under the first one, and add two lines that form the right angle on the left side of the smaller egg. That's the sketch for his traditional bended fingers that he pulls out to release some web.
  • Complete the hand (bended index and ring fingers and pointed little finger that continues the line of the right angle drawn earlier).
  • Draw the line of the arm that starts from the middle of his head and goes down to connect the arm with his palm.
  • Draw a vertical row of semicircles on the right side that stand for his shoulder muscle, chest muscle, and abs. Yes, he is a ripped guy, and you can draw the muscles as circles and semicircles. Particularly, his pulled back left arm consists of 2 circles of muscles and two parallel lines of his forearm. Draw those and finish it with a palm.
  • Give your Spiderman a pair of eyes. They resemble two triangles in reflecting projection. Smoothen the lines of the triangles to make them look like Spiderman's eyes.
  • Finally, draw a pair of bent spread legs that look like real spider's legs, but more muscular.
  • Now, it's coloring part time. It's a good idea to use color markers for main colors, and pencils to add some shades on top. Red, blue and black markers would be enough to color his costume, and pencils of different shades will complete the look.
  • Finally, highlight the webbing on his head and arms. You don't want to draw the webbing on his entire costume because it makes your image too "webby" and overloaded with details. Just draw the hint of webbing on different parts of the costume.


  • Don't use thin paper if you color the image with markers. Opt for bleedproof paper that helps your markers bleed less.
  • Don't draw Spiderman without having some ready-made image in front of your eyes. Copying a reference image is much easier than creating it by yourself.
  • Don't use thick markers to draw the webbing on Spiderman's costume. You don't want to make them too thick and black.



So, use a reference image and these tips to draw Spiderman that looks exactly like one in your favorite comic books. It's easy and with a little bit of practice you will learn how to draw Spiderman in no time.

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