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How to Draw Roses


A rose is one of the most beautiful flowers in the world. It belongs to the Rosaceae family, there are over 100 kinds of roses. Not only is it one of the most magnificent kinds of flowers, it is one of the most difficult things to draw. Although, if you know what comes first and what comes last, you can draw a pretty rose in no time. After you learn to draw a simple rose, you will easily learn to draw a gorgeous life-like one.


What you will need

  • A pencil;
  • An eraser;
  • A few sheets of paper;
  • A black marker;
  • Green and red to color the flower.




Begin by drawing a swirl, a spiral, to depict the petals in the button. Start drawing a swirl. As you finish the second circle, drive your pencil down so the curve reminds some sort of a strange question mark.



Add another line connecting the end of the step-1 question mark with the swirl - to get a figure that reminds a cone. Continue this line to make a petal that has just separated from the button. Draw two petals from both sides.



Draw the oval, egg-shaped button underneath the two petals you have just drawn. Those petals shouldnít be fully open, they should sort of ďpeel offĒ the button that you need to draw under them.


Other petals

After you draw the button you need to draw other petals. Your rose should be asymmetrical so it looks natural. This is why you need to draw one big petal from one side and two smaller ones from the other side. They have to be pretty much like the first two petals, except you have to make it look like they appear from behind the button.



Draw a stem, and donít forget that it has to have a nice natural curve. If you are having a hard time drawing a leaf, pretend it is just a bent rhombus. Draw this rhombus and soften the corners. Erase all the lines that arenít supposed to be visible.



Color your rose. Decide where the light falls and make that side a little bit lighter. Remember that flowerbed should be a little bit darker than a stem; and a stem Ė a little darker than a leaf.


  • Donít forget to draw thorns and get some extra sheets of paper and eraser;
  • Donít use a marker when drawing a rose for the first time - you need to know you can remove a line if you draw it wrong.
  • When drawing, donít press too hard on a pencil.
  • Donít be afraid to experiment and donít get upset or angry if you fail to draw a rose on the first try.



A rose is easier to draw than one might think. All you need to do is follow the instructions given above. Drawing is a nice way to sped your time, you can do it at home or outside, you can draw and listen to the music / socialize with your friends at the same time.

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