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How to Draw Perry the Platypus


Perry the Platypus is a character of a popular animated Phineas and Ferb TV series. Perry lives a double life: everyone thinks he is a normal domestic platypus, but in fact he is a member of OWCA – a pet espionage organization. He is very funny and fairly easy to draw. Basically, Perry is just a rectangle with eyes and a bill, but your picture may vary depending on the image of Perry you choose: the first option is a domesticated platypus with a dull expression on his face; the second variant is Agent P – a serious and thoughtful dude with a detective’s hat on his head. If you want to learn how to draw Perry the Platypus, feel free to check this step-by-step tutorial.


Draw Perry’s body

  • Start with a slightly curved vertical line of his back;
  • Draw a straight horizontal bottom line that is approximately 3 times shorter than the first one;
  • Draw another curved vertical line that is parallel to the line of his back. You want it to be slightly shorter than the first line;
  • Draw a slightly bowed horizontal line of his head. Make sure it’s parallel to the bottom line and about 2/3 of its length;
  • Connect the end of a shorter vertical line and the end of the short horizontal line.

Draw the eyes

The first eye should be located in the middle of the head, while the second eye should be a little bit outside of the body. Perry’s eyes are just two circles, but there are two ways of drawing pupils. If you draw them close to the sides of the eyes, it would be a “dull” Perry. Oval eyes with eyelids and large pupils looking at the same direction are “Agent P’s” eyes. Shade the pupils and leave tiny white spots.


Draw the bill

Draw a triangle in between Perry’s eyes and continue it to sketch the tip of the bill. Round up the edges of the triangle to make it look smoother.


Add some hair

Perry can’t boast a thick hair, so draw several hairs on top of his head.


Draw the arms

Perry’s arms resemble little N (or reversed N depending on which direction he is turned to) letters. Draw the first vertical line under the bill (on his pupil’s level) and continue the N-shaped bended hand. You don’t have to draw the second hand – it just sticks out a little bit on the side.


Draw the legs

Draw a curvy line that slightly comes off the bottom. Just as with his arms, the second leg comes out just a little bit. Finish the legs with tiny feet that are wavy at the ends.


Draw the tail

The tail is just a rectangle that sticks out of his body and goes a bit wider at the top. Fill in the pattern by drawing some straight slightly angled lines that are crossed by the lines in the opposite direction.


Finish the picture

Finally, erase the unnecessary lines and add some color if you want. For those who don’t know, Perry the Platypus has turquoise body, brownish tail, and yellow bill and feet. Feel free to add the detective’s hat if you want to draw Agent P.

  • Don’t color him green if you don’t have crayons of turquoise color. It will make him look more like Plankton from Sponge Bob TV series.
  • Don’t start drawing with markers or pens. You want to be able to erase the lines.



Perry the Platypus is a funny and charismatic character that is very easy to replicate on paper. Use this tutorial and the video demonstration to understand how to draw him. It’s a good idea to have a sample image in front of your eyes to make it look as close to the original as possible. Hopefully, this tutorial will be helpful for you.

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