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How to Draw Hello Kitty


Hello Kitty is the cutest fictional character. Many children (and adults, too) absolutely adore it. It was created by Japanese company Sanrio. Yuko Shimizu was the one who came up with the idea of the character (the full name of the kitty is Kitty White). Hello kitty's breed is - white Japanese bobtail cat. It was designed in 1974. Hello Kitty is taken from Japanese popular culture - kawaii. One can even say, that the level of cuteness can be measured in Hello Kitties. Originally Hello Kitty was drawn with nothing but eyes, and every person could complete its image using their imagination. You can think of it as a happy kitty or a sad kitty, it depends on your mood. There are several Hello Kitty cartoon TV shows popular among little kids.


You will need:

  • pencil;
  • eraser;
  • pink pencil/marker;
  • yellow pencil/marker (optional);
  • red pencil/marker (optional);
  • a few sheets of paper;
  • printer (Black&White is ok) - optional.



Draw an oval lying on the side – hello kitty’s head. Hello kitty’s ears are wide – draw two small triangles with the top corners = 90 degrees. Ears should be wide apart.


Hello kitty’s eyes belong on the bottom part of its face. Draw an imaginary line that divides its face in half (length-wise) and draw small dark oval eyes below that imaginary line. Draw another line (imaginary or real) right under kitty’s oval eyes. The line should connect the bottom points of the eyes. You need this line because it is the nose level. Draw an oval nose (the way it is shown in the picture below). The top side of the nose-oval should touch the line you drew. Basically, the “bottom” eye level is the “top” nose level.


Draw a trapezoid – hello kitty’s dress. Then draw kitty’s legs – two little rectangles, and “soften” their corners so they remind ovals, too. The next this is - kitty’s paws, choose their shape yourself. Draw whiskers. Hello kitty has 3 whiskers on each cheek. Make sure they are wide apart. Add a cute bow or a flower. Color your picture.


Don't get upset if you can't draw Hello Kitty. Save the picture above and print it out. Cover it with a blank sheet of paper and press the two pieces of paper to a window glass; and copy the picture using a pencil. You should do it at daytime so the picture can be seen through the blank sheet of paper.



Drawing Hello Kitty is very easy.There are only 2 - 3 colors and simple geometric figures. Hello Kitty is pleasant and easy to draw, you can do it with your child or a friend. Make sure you have a few extra sheets of paper in case something wouldn't work from the first time.

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