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How to Draw Cartoon People


Drawing cartoon people is easier than one might think. It is pretty much drawing very simple lines that turn into a cute and funny cartoon face. Drawing cartoon people is much easier than drawing realistic people, but the more you practice, the bigger the chance that you will learn to draw realistic things, too. Follow our instructions to draw a cute cartoon person.



To begin with, you have to pick the shape of your character's face. It can be a triangle / a heart, a square, an oval or a round. If your character is a cute cartoon girl, you may want to go with the heart. If it is a grown man - a square. If your cartoon character is a little fat, use a round. If you want the character to look more realistic, draw an egg turned upside down.

Draw 3 lines

Draw three imaginary lines: one that splits the head in half (eye level), the second one (nostrils level) will split the lower half into two equal parts, and the third one will divide the lowest part in half (the mouth level). You may draw these lines, but don't press on pencil too hard because you will have to erase them once the drawing is done.

Note: You can change positions of these lines depending on how big the forehead / nose / chin is going to be.


Start with the eyes. 2/3 of an eye is going to be above the first imaginary line. It is easier to draw oval eyes with oval pupils. To make this person cuter / funnier you may make the ovals overlap and erase the lines that cross, this way eyes are going to look big and innocent.


Make sure they are not very close, and remember: the closer and lower they are, the angrier your character will seem. The curvier they are - the kinder it will look.


You may draw the line down the face and add nostrils or you can just draw a cute half-button instead. The first one will look more realistic and drawing it is a little harder. Draw the line down the face, it should come from one of the eyebrows and shouldn't be connected to it. Once you reach the nostrils level, finish the line with a little hook - the point of the nose. Draw two little hooks by both sides of the nose - these are the nostrils.


You can draw a simple bow-smile or a curved line that reminds a flying seagull seen from the great distance (or a flipped number 3) - the upper lip. Add a little bow under it to get a lower lip.


To draw a fringe you can just add two inclined lines (one shorter than the other) that cross the forehead and reach one of the eyebrows. Draw the rest of the hair the way you want.


  • Don't press on the pencil too hard, otherwise you won't be able to erase the lines if you have to.
  • Don't be too tense when you draw, your hand should be relaxed, lines - casual.



These instructions will help you draw a cartoon person (and not just a cartoon person, you can use them to draw a bat, a smiling sun in the sky or anything else that may have a face in the cartoon world. Enjoy drawing or painting, there is nothing like it!

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