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How to Draw Cars


Here is the guidance to draw the crossover car step by step. The cars of this type are a little bit larger than the average ones. That's why their wheels are slightly wider and bigger. This car is also characterized by a high bracket that allows it to cross the mud-locked areas easily. The perplexity of this construction can't be expressed in a panting or drawing easily however.

That's why it's better to draw a car without the design details at least just for the beginning. After you draw the basic outline of the car you may add some feature details such as bonnet vent or body kit. If you wish you may color the picture with paints or colored pencils.

Of course this instruction is a basic one, if you feel you want to add something else to your painting - do so.


  • First of all one should sketch the outline of the car. Start with drawing some lines determine basic shapes. Later you will develop the smooth and precise image of the whole vehicle.
  • Imagine the simplest geometric figures the car may fit into and draw their contours. That will help you to stick to the chosen perspective, image angle and proportions.
  • Start the process of draftsmanship. Begin with the wheels. Make the lines smoother and clearer. Erase the auxiliary lines. It's not that easy that it may seem to be at the first sight.
  • Sketch the wheel center members. Tires are easier to be drawn so you may spend more time drawing the wheel center members.
  • Add wind glass and other car glasses. It is easier to draw the dark glasses. Shade the glasses with the graphite pencil. Draw the more precise and even contour with the black pencil. You may either leave some areas blank or use the eraser to add catch lights.
  • Draw the front part of the car. The sketch will help you. It is also good to watch a real car and use it as the model.
  • Now you may start drawing the rest parts of your car. Add the small details using the accurate strokes.
  • Erase the auxiliary and the wrong lines.
  • Add lights and shadows to make your drawing look more volumetric.
  • You may use the colored pencils or paints to color your drawing.


  • Don't use the dirty eraser in order not to leave stains or smearing the lines.
  • Don't push the pencil hard if you raw the sketch. It is more difficult to erase the thick smooth lines.
  • Don't use colored pencils to draw sketches or auxiliary lines. They won't erase easily.
  • If you use paints let them dry completely before you put your drawing into a frame in order not to smear it.
  • Don't be upset if something goes wrong. You may try once more or switch to drawing another objects.
  • Don't start your drawing with the small details. It is better to make the sketch of the whole outline at first.



If you don't feel quite confident about your drawing skills use the pictures of other people as the example. Gradually you will learn how to draw the complicated object which are far more complex than cars. Use your imagination. Try to add some details to make your car look unique. Make pauses in the process of drawing. In that way your eyes won't get accustomed to the picture you are drawing and you will notice the mistakes instantly. Ask a friend to have a look at your drawing. He may find the mistakes that don't strike your eye. Don' give up practicing. The more cars you draw the better your drawings will get. Use the sharpened pencils to draw smooth lines. In facts are one of the easiest objects to draw as their lines are purely geometric ones unlike animal of human silhouettes.

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