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How to Draw Bugs Bunny


Bugs Bunny is the fiction character of Looney Tunes. He is the insolent and optimistic rabbit. Everyone except Duffy loves him. His girlfriend Lola Bunny is also a bunny. In fact you may use one and the same scheme of drawing to depict those both characters. Now Bugs Bunny is the mascot of Looney Tunes and his face is used as the emblem. The voice and speaking manner of Bugs Bunny was developed by the same person who developed the catchy laughter for Woody Woodpecker.

It is not an occasion that Bugs Bunny is loved by many children. In fact he is the perfect example of an older mate who is funny and somewhat impudent. Bugs Bunny is always ready for any kind of adventure unlike his sensible girlfriend Lola.

If your children ask you to teach them how to draw Bugs Bunny don't reject them. Drawing together with your children may be a great family activity. You will get a lot of pleasure by drawing funny cartoon characters and organizing a home art exhibition.

Nothing special is needed to draw Bugs Bunny. However if you suppose that you lack experience you may try to take some picture of Bugs Bunny and use it as the sample. So take the paints, pencils and rubbers and start drawing Bugs Bunny.


  • It is always easier to draw any object if you split it into the simple geometrical figures. Cartoon characters are not an exception. If you examine the face and the body of Bugs Bunny you will see that his figure can easily be fitted in some simple objects. For example legs and body are cylinders, head consists of several ovals, teeth are rectangular.
  • Think of the pose of the character on your drawing. It is better to start with some simple poses. Try to draw standing Bugs Bunny or sitting one.
  • Draw the main axis. It should go along the spine line and one of the legs. Draw the arms axis. No you need to add the simple geometrical figures to these axises. Finally you will get the primitive drawing of the hair.
  • Now start adding the silhouette lines of Bugs Bunny's figure. Draw the light and thin strokes. In that way you will be able to remove the wrong lines easily with the rubber.
  • It is time to add some volume. Though Looney Tunes characters are 2D ones you still need to show the play of light and shade.
  • Start smoothing the lines. Make the main lines thicker and brighter. Remove the wrong lines.
  • Now proceed with drawing the face. Depict the oval eyes and don't forget to draw light reflexes. Add nose, mouth and teeth. Finish drawing Bugs Bunny with depicting his long sharp-ended ears.


  • Don't apply too much pressure to the pencil tip. It is necessary to start drawing with making the slight and thin lines.
  • Don't forget to erase the wrong or additional details.
  • Don't neglect to use some printed out image as an example.



The last step is optional. You may color your Bugs Bunny or leave it in black-and-white. Use gouache, watercolor paints, crayons or felt-tip pens. If you draw with the small children offer them to use colored markers. It is easier to use them in comparison with paints.

A good trick to draw the exact copy of a printed out image is to apply a plain paper sheet onto it and press the both sheets against the window. The sunlight will exert the image. Draw the contour out.

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