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How to Draw Batman


Have you ever noticed that Batman doesn't have any unusual supernatural powers and abilities at all? To fight the criminals he uses only his strong intellect and the powerful body. Besides that he never used any weapon. The matter is that the parents of Batman were shot down and since that Bruce Wane (that is the real name of Batman) hates any weapon but gives kicks and fist strikes generously to all the nuisances. The readers have got acquainted with Batman for the first time in May of 1939 thankful to the publishing house called DC Comics. The authors imagined Batman as the man of 36 years old with the strong analytic mind as Sherlock Holmes used to have. Batman is able to solve any problem connected with criminals and break their cruel plans. So as you may easily count Batman is more than 110 years by now. So take the paper an pencils in your hands and start drawing this super hero.


  • Pay attention that Batman is a human being. That why you need to draw a human with the exaggerated muscular system. The proportions of Batman are perfect. You may use any drawing of the man to use it as the example. -The secret that will help you is to take the picture of the man drawn in the epoch of Renaissance. During that epoch the artists admired the natural beauty of the well-built human body. In that way you will get the perfect basis for Batman.
  • Take into consideration the fact that all the objects of the world that surrounds us can be fitted into the simplest geometric figures. That will ease the process of drawing significantly.
  • To start with draw the central body axis. It will define the position of the neck, spine and one of the legs. Now add the auxiliary axises of the arms and the other leg. Draw an oval at the top of the main axis that will be the head.
  • Start adding muscles. Draw the long protruded ovals in the places of arms, legs and hands. Cylindric body and neck will be the continuing of the drawing. -The next step is to smooth the lines of the whole body. Start shaping the feet. The body of Batman if full of curves. It is better to draw the classic human body at first and only after that add some sharp angles typical of comics.
  • Proceed with drawing the Batman's face. Though it is half-covered with the mas you should sketch all the facial details to make it look proportional.
  • Though the comics presuppose the two dimensional images still the volume of the bodies is shown with the help of light and shade play. Mark the lines of the border between the light and the dark areas. Take into the consideration that these borders should be left definite.
  • Now erase the auxiliary lies and axises. Take the colored pencils and add some color to your drawing.


  • Don't apply too much effort drawing the auxiliary lines.
  • Don't hesitate to mix the colors to get the desired one. The pencils can be mixed well.
  • Don't forget to erase the axis.



Does your child keep asking you to draw his or her favorite super hero? Anyway there is sense to learn how to draw Batman on the plain paper with the colored pencils. To draw this super hero you will only need to take the colored pencils, the soft and the hard plain pencil and a clean sheet of paper.

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