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How to Download Movies to Ipad


A lot of people around the world use Apple products. Apple is one of the most respectable brands in the world. Most people used iPod, iPhone or iPad at some point. If you are an iPad user you may wonder how you can download movies to your device. As you can guess, there is quite a few ways to do that and here we offer you two of them. To learn more about how to download movies to iPad, read instructions below - we will walk you through it.




You will need:

  • iTunes on your iPad;
  • AVPlayer.



Get iTunes on your iPad. In iTunes you have to locate the "AppStore" button and press on it. You need internet connection to get into AppStore.

Pick and download

In AppStore you can simply pick a movie or TV series you like and download it on your device. The search system is quite smart and you won't have to spend much time trying to find what you need. There is a lot of other things you can buy / get for free via iTunes.

Play a movie

To play a movie or TV series on iPad you need AVPlayer, after you get it on your device you will have no problems whatsoever.



You will need:

  • your device
  • the iDownload app (it costs a couple of dollars)



Once you get the iDownload app, you have to get an icon on your desktop. Click on that icon.

Pick a site

The next thing you are going to have to do is pick one of a wide majority of sites that offer movies for iPad. You will see that there is a lot of them: you can choose new movies or see all the movies it has to offer. You may have to zoom the page if the scale is too small for you.

Pick a movie

Take your time and pick a movie. Every site offers old and new ones, you can find movies that are 40 or more years old. You can sort them by choosing a year from the list. If you are interested in TV series, choose “TV series”. TV series are finely organized, all the seasons are placed together and you won’t have trouble finding and downloading an episode you like.


Once you choose a movie / TV show you want to download, press on it and enter the code. Download the movie file you’ve chosen.



You will need:

  • a Netflix account
  • the free Netflix app
  • internet connection


Once you download Netflix app on your device, you will be able to watch movies for free. There is a couple of things you need to keep in mind though:

  • With this app you can watch movies online, and you need a great internet connection for that. If your internet connection is steady enough, there will be no problem. If there is no internet connection, you won't be able to watch anything.
  • Actions performed in your account are saved: you can add and play movies from your queue


  • Don't browse unfamiliar sites before you read the reviews.
  • Don't use unreliable sources and questionable software.
  • Don't get upset if for some reason these two ways don't work for you: there is a plenty of other ways to get movies on your iPad.



If you just got an iPad, examine it carefully, read user manual and ask your friends how they download movies on their iPads (if they own any), but you probably won't need to do that as methods listed above should work. You may want to remember that it may depend on your iPad model.

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