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How to Download Fonts


Computer fonts are files, containing sets of signs, letters and punctuation characters that are fashioned in different styles. The standard font is Times New Roman. Other popular fonts are Arial, Calibry and Comic Sans. MS Office comes with a number of fonts, but if you want something special - a font that draws attention or a font that you are comfortable working with, you can download it.


How to download computer fonts

There is a wide variety of fonts available online, here is one of the resources you can use to download a font that you like. After you choose a site you want to download fonts from, make sure it is a reliable source. Download fonts, it shouldn't take long, although it depends on your computer speed and Internet connection.

How to install computer fonts

Click on Start button in the bottom corner of your PC screen or Windows button on your key board. Select Control Panel from the Start menu that pops up. Press "Appearance and Personalization". Click Fonts. Click File (if file menu doesn't show up, tap the Alt key). Choose to "Install New Font". Once you see the Add Fonts window, below Drives, choose the drive with the font you are interested in. Select (double-click) the one that contains fonts you want to install. Under the List of Fonts, press on font you are willing to add and press Install.

How to uninstall computer fonts

Click Start. Select Control Panel from the Start menu. Press "Appearance and Personalization". Click Fonts. Click on fonts you are willing to uninstall. You can select as many of them as you like, all you need to do is keep Ctrl key pressed while you click on fonts you o longer need. Choose Delete option from the File menu (tap the Alt key if File menu doesn't show up).


  • Don't download fonts from unreliable sources.
  • Don't browse the web and don't download anything onto your PC if you don't have an instant antivirus.
  • Don't visit a site if your antivirus says it is not safe.
  • After you download fonts, don't forget to scan the containing folder for viruses.



Simple tips given above will help you download and install or uninstall fonts. To learn more, go to Microsoft support page, there is all the information about fonts you can possibly need. Whenever you have a question about Windows OS / MS Office, you should visit this page first.

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