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How to Do Zombie Makeup


If you want to know how to do Zombie makeup, it means Halloween is coming up! Although, there is a plenty of reasons to do Zombie makeup: in some cities Zombie-events are held. There you and your friends can dress up like zombies and chase volunteer “victims” who are also fans of zombies. If you are willing to make something like Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” video, you may want to know how to do zombie makeup, too. Here we share a couple of tricks that may help, including making juice that looks like blood.




You have to use very light powder to change your skin color so it is pale. Choose a tone that won’t be a lot different from your natural skin color. You can apply it to your hands and arms, too. In this case you can make it light blue or light green to look like a corpse.


Dark circles

A zombie should have dark circles under eyes. They don’t have to be black or brown. If they are red, it will look even more horrifying. To draw dark circles under eyes, use blush or eye shades. Make sure circles are not too bright, everything has to look natural (funny as it sounds, giving that zombies don’t exist). To make dark circles you can apply mascara and then try to remove it without using any makeup remover. It is the easiest way to get dark circles that look natural.



No matter if you are a man or a woman, you have to use lipstick. Buy a blue, dark red or black lipstick and color your lips so they look like lips of a dead person. If you choose red, smear all over your face so it looks like blood.


Blood marks

Make or buy kayo syrup, or red / purple food coloring. Take a plastic bag and dip it in that syrup. Then press it to your face, and remove it. The mark will look like a bruise or a sign of decomposition. It’s ok if juice drips down – it will look like blood.


Scars and scratches

You can draw scars, scratches and wounds’ outlines using a red lip pencil. Feel free to draw stitches, too. Add some juice so it looks like your “wounds” are bleeding. That juice should be on your torn clothes, too.


Hair and eyes

Wash and tease your hair, apply some gel to the tips so your hair looks messy and greasy. If you have long hair, twist each section to make it look like your hair hasn’t been washed for weeks. Wear contacts of a creepy color – white or yellow.


  • Don’t apply black eye shades to make dark circles. It won’t look natural or scary at all, it will just look weird. Just pick a dark color, that would be sufficient.
  • Don’t use pink color to draw blood. Blood can have different shades: from scarlet to dark red, almost black, but not pink.



You can try all sorts of makeup, and have fun with it. Basically, you can do whatever you want, any messy makeup will do if you want to look like a “fresh” zombie that hasn’t been turned long ago and isn’t decomposing yet. To make it look even creepier you can come up with a story: you and your friend can dress up as newly turned man and wife.

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