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How to Do Smokey Eyes


It is unlikely that there is a woman in the world who hasn't heard about the eye make up called smoky eyes. That popular make up technique was originated in the 20s when the image of the aggressive vamp woman was on the top of the fashion trends. Smoky eyes may add some drama to your look indeed. The women of that epoch used to wear this make up with dark lipstick which was applied to underline the expressive curve of the lips. The modern fashionistas prefer wearing the smoky eyes make up with the nude lipstick. Though that make up seems to be rather complicated to be applied for the first time you will learn how to do that quickly and easily after some practice if you follow some tips and are aware of the secrets and peculiarities. The basis of the smoky eyes make up is the layer of the stumped eyeshadow with the soft gradients of the pigment. It seems to cover the eyes with the veil of the smoke and makes your glance mysterious and enchanting. It is recommended to leave the lips pale or paint them neutrally if you are going to make smoky eyes.


Choose the eyeshadows and the brushes

  • To make the smoky eyes make up you will need the pencil eyeliner of dark colors. Black, dark brown, indigo or asphalt gray will suit.
  • Three or four shades of eye pigment. Choose the colors acceptable for the time of the day.
  • Choose the eye brushes for the smooth eyeshadow applying.


  • Cover the upper eyelid with the light pigment. The soft colors will combine with the darker ones well.
  • Draw the smooth contour along the eyelashes grow line with the help of the eyeliner pencil. Repeat the same action with your lower eyelid. Take into consideration that this line should be thinner in the inner corner of your eye and thicker in the outer one. Take the applicator or the plain cotton stick and stump the line.
  • Apply the darkest shade of your eye pigment along the stumped line. The medium tone should cover the movable eyelid. The radiating tone should be applied right under your eyebrows.
  • Take the wider eye brush and stump the eye shadows.
  • Apply two coats of the volumizing mascara.
  • You may also apply the bronzing powder instead of blush. That will shape your face. Choose the natural color of your lipstick.


  • Don't forget about shaping your eyebrows carefully. Smoky eyes require the ideally shaped eyebrows.
  • Don't neglect the facial skin tone. Remember that if you are going to wear smoky eyes your skin should be perfect. That kind of eye make up will underline the smallest defects of the skin such as tiny pimples, red spots or wrinkles that are normally almost invisible.



Several years before the smoky eyes make up was supposed to be acceptable only in the evening. However today you may use that make up even during the day. Everything depends on the eyeshadow color that you choose for your make up. The warm colors close to the natural skin shades like peach, warm gold, beige, olive or apricot will suit for the ideal daytime make up perfectly. The dark colors will suit for the special events in the evening. If you have blue eyes choose violet, silver and golden shades. The black eyeliner will make your look too heavy. Use the sepia or the dark gray one. The green eyes will look brighter with the brass, golden, chocolate brown or lilac colors. The dark eyes may be underlined with the blue or olive colors. Smoky eyes will suit any shape of face and appearance. It is necessary to choose the right color and follow all the recommendations.

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