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How to Dispose of Cooking Oil


Many people wonder why their garbage disposals and sinks get out of order so often. ďWhy, I never put any large chunks of food in the sink!Ē The point is you donít need to stuff your sink with huge pieces of food to start feeling that weird smell and hearing threatening sounds if you pour your old cooking down the drain. It clogs the pipes and damages them a lot. Thatís why itís important to dispose of your used cooking oil wisely. This article will teach you how to do it right.

Throw away

  • Let the oil cool off completely and use a funnel to pour the oil in an old soda bottle. Screw the lid and throw it away.
  • You can use a plastic zip bag instead of a bottle. Just make sure itís zipped tightly.
  • Add a pack of baking soda into the pan with the remaining oil and stir the mix until it makes some kind of paste. After that, feel free to throw it away in a plastic bag. This method is great if you donít want your oil to leak out of the bottle or zip bag. Besides, it keeps raccoons and squirrels away from your garbage bin.


If you fry a lot and end up having gallons of used cooking oil, the problem of disposal becomes really serious. Luckily, people use old cooking oil for making biodiesel for their cars and would be happy to help you get rid of yours. Besides, some restaurants accept and dispose cooking oil for you, so feel free to google it and find such restaurants in your area.

  • Never pour used cooking oil down the drain! It can cause serious damage to your plumbing.
  • For the same reason, donít pour used cooking oil down your toilet. Save yourself a call to a plumber.
  • Donít dispose of used cooking oil while itís still hot. This time, youíll save yourself a trip to the hospital with severe burns.
  • Donít pour your oil in containers without lids or paper bags. You donít want animals to be attracted to your garbage bin.
  • Donít throw the bags with old cooking oil into your recycling bin.



We bother of disposing of old car batteries, medications, expired chemicals, plastic, bottles and thermometers, but the problem of disposing of old cooking oil never comes to our minds. However, gallons of hot cooking oil drained down your sink can kill your pipes and cost you a lot of money. Thatís why disposing of old stinky cooking oil is so important. There are several ways to go when you want to get rid of that gross oil, so use one of the suggested methods next time you deep fry your favorite chicken wings.

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