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How to Disconnect a Car Battery


Automotive battery, often referred to as car battery is what supplies electricity to your vehicle. It is necessary to power your car motor, lights and etc. If you need to take out a car battery, you have to be very careful: if you do something wrong it can give you an electric shock. You donít want that. This article contains a few helpful tips for you to learn how to disconnect a car battery. If you need additional instructions from some other source Ė there is a video attached under the Doníts section.



Socket wrench;

Socket wrench extender;

A set of sockets



Open the bonnet

Open the bonnet of the car and fixate it for your convenience.


Locate the negative terminal

Negative terminal is located right on top of your automotive battery and has a black cup. It may be hard to find, and if you are not sure that what you found is actually a negative terminal, look for a minus sign on it or near it.


Locate the positive terminal

The cup of the positive terminal is red, which is why it is going to be pretty easy to find. It is more than one inch big and is hard to miss. If this cup isnít red, just look for a plus sign to figure out where the positive terminal is.


Figure out the socket size

As mentioned above you will need a socket wrench and a socket wrench extender to disconnect the battery. You will need the entire box of sockets, since you will have to figure out the right socket size. Try on each one of them till you pick socket that fits. Place it in the socket wrench and press it in so it sits tight. For convenience you can insert a socket extender over it and place a cup on top of the extender.


Disconnect the negative terminal

Start with the negative terminal: turn the nut; be careful, no rush. Make sure the socket has a good grip with the nut and start screwing. Rotate the socket wrench counter-clockwise. After you loosen it, remove the cup from the top.


Disconnect the positive terminal

Carefully open the box of the red terminal and disconnect it the same way you have disconnected the negative terminal in step 4. Now your car battery is finally disconnected and you can do whatever it is you need to do with it.


Donít forget

Donít forget to shut down the engine before you start disconnecting your car battery! It is the first and the most important thing you need to do before you begin loosening the nuts.

The wrong size

Donít use a socket of a wrong size, otherwise your hand is going to slip and you can hurt yourself. If you donít have a socket of the right size, you better buy or borrow it.



If you need to take out a battery to charge it, add battery fluid, keep it warm in winter or prevent a car from being stolen, then simply use instructions above. If you still have troubles disconnecting your car battery, just watch a video on how it is done or use the one posted above.

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