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How to Determine Bra Size


The most popular question asked in the underwear stores by women is probably "Which is my bra size?". Moreover it is known that in the most cases women often wear bras and bralettes of inappropriate size. Women with large bust are in the risk group in this situation. That also concerns the ones who have some unusual size or shape of breasts. Such women are accustomed to buy and wear lingerie that is in stock but not the one they like and find quite comfortable. The most common mistake made by women is the fact that they wear bras which are too loose under the breasts and have smaller cups than required. As a result they get tired sooner, experience some unpleasant feeling or pressure in their back and shoulders, and finally are not satisfied with their look. Only the bra that fits well is able to improve your posture, look more attractive and sporty and let you show your best outfits. Basically there are two ways of choosing the right size of your bra.



Traditional way of defining the size of a bra

Basically the size of a bra can be defined by only the two figures. They are the under breast clasp and the breast clasp. You need to measure yourself wearing the plain bra. Push-up or wonderbra won't suit for that procedure. Pay attention to the fact that the measuring tape should clasp your body tightly under your bust but lay rather loose on your breasts. In that way you may e sure that the chose bra will hold your breasts reliably but won't provide much pressure onto your mammary glands.


  • Stay still in front of the mirror. Breathe normally.
  • Take the measuring tape and clasp it right under your breasts. Put down the figure, for example 34 inches.
  • Clasp the measuring tape around the most protruding part of your breasts. Don't tighten it. Imagine you have got 35 inches.
  • How much is the difference between these two figures? Suppose we get 1 inch.
  • That means your bra size is 34 A.

Find coordination of cup index and difference between 2 clasp figures

  • Less than 1 inch- AA cup.
  • 1 inch- A cup.
  • 2 inches- B cup.
  • 3 inches- C cup.
  • 4 inches- D cup.
  • 5 inches- DD cup.

How to understand if the bra suits you if you don't know your size

  • The center of your bra should be pressed tightly against your chest between the breasts. It shouldn't move when you raise your hands or bend your back.
  • Pay attention to the back. The back band should be pressed firmly against your back but you should be able to thrust two fingers under it. The back of the bra shouldn't rise upwards during the day.
  • The cups shouldn't be too tight. If your breasts get deformed by the cups the size of such bra is wrong.


  • Don't buy the bra if you are able to fasten it using only the edge hooks.
  • Don't forget to make some movements when you try some bra one. It should support your breasts and fit firmly.
  • Don't hesitate to ask the shop assistants to help you. They will choose the good bras for you to select.



The important thing which is often neglected still is how the shoulder straps hold the whole construction of the bra. They shouldn't leave the marks on your shoulders. Besides that the straps that constantly slide off your shoulders will irritate you during the whole day. Make sure the bra straps are soft enough.

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