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How to Describe Yourself


The painted self-portraits are always catchy and amazing only just because they are the works of art. It may be much more difficult to create the verbal self-portrait because the words in that case won't attract the same attention as the colors do.

In fact even the strong outstanding personalities often find it rather difficult to describe themselves as that is the matter of balancing. Describing yourself you should balance between presenting your own personality the way it is and providing your own image of yourself. To create a better verbal self-portrait use the following tips.


Determine the aim of your self-description

There are a lot of various situations in our life when we need to present the necessary information about your life style, appearance or personality. Of course the situation presupposes various styles of narration and various characteristics to be revealed. In the case you are describing yourself for a blind date you will provide one kind of information and in the case you are applying for a job you will have to present a completely different self-portrait. If you are describing yourself for your relatives whom you were parted with you will tell them some specific things about yourself as well. The first rule here is always the same: the situation defines the type of your story.

Start with your appearance

That is probably the easiest part. If you are asked to described your appearance in some formal situation you may just enumerate the facts about your body and face. You need just to mention your height, eye color, skin color, the type of hair and perhaps the type of your body. In the case you are getting ready for a date you may add some emotions to your description. Try to use the attributes to reveal your vision of yourself. You may say that you have bright blue eyes, mild smile, smooth dark skin, chubby face or an athletic lean body. In the case you are getting ready for a family reunion you may mention some features of your face or body that you may have in common with your relatives.

Proceed with describing your personality

That is the most difficult part of all. The matter is that the other people see us the other way usually. Sometimes when a person realizes that his own self-image doesn't coincide with the way the other people see him he may feel frustration or even the cognitive dissonance. Here the rule of the situation also works. If you are describing yourself to a potential employer there is no point in hiding your professional and personal advantages. Provide only the relevant information. In the case you are telling about yourself in some more intimate atmosphere you may add some emotions as well. It is OK to tell about some negative sides about yourself. Moreover the other people may treat your disadvantages as just some individual peculiarities.


  • Don't try to seem someone else when you are describing yourself. That isn't a good ides.
  • Don't be shy about some individual things like moles, body type (if your appearance is under consideration) or opinions or preferences (if you are telling about your personality).
  • Don't hide or lie about your past. If you are asked about your past it is always better to give the honest answer. The situation when something unpleasant is suddenly revealed will be much more painful.



Basically that is all that you need to tell about yourself. Remember the fact that nobody has the right to persuade you. In the case you don't feel like telling about your eating habits or family relationships you shouldn't do that. Tell about the things that are quite comfortable for you to be discussed.

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