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How to Delete my Facebook Account


Facebook is one of the most popular social networking sites, a plenty of people join it every day, and a plenty of people want to remove their accounts to avoid procrastination. Social networking sites are a gift, they help us keep in touch with people who live on the other side of the planet, they help us access music, web series and movie trailers; news travel fast thanks to social networking sites. Unfortunately, for many people such sites are nothing but a waste of time, and if you want to remove your Facebook account, we are here to help.



Log on

Log in with your Facebook account. To access settings, click on the button in the upper right-hand corner. Since Facebook often changes, this button can change, too: it used to say “Account”, now it is just an arrow (and it can change in the future). It is the farthest button on the right; by clicking on it you open the drop-down account menu.



Choose Settings from the drop-down menu, it is supposed to be the first option on the list. Once you enter settings, choose Security from the side menu on the left:

  • General
  • Security
  • Privacy
  • Timeline and Tagging
  • Blocking
  • Notifications
  • Mobile
  • Followers
  • Apps
  • Ads
  • Payments
  • Gifts
  • Support dashboard.

Good bye

At the bottom of the Security Settings page you will see a link-like option “Deactivate your account” written in blue. Click on it. Right after that you will be asked to comment on your leave, pick your reason from the list (“I don’t find Facebook useful”, “My account was hacked” and etc.) or just leave your comment and say good bye to your Facebook friends (it will appear in their news feed).



After you leave your good bye, press Confirm, enter your Facebook password (to confirm that it is you who is removing your account), click Deactivate Now, then enter captcha code from the picture in the dialog that appears, and click Okay. To activate your account, log in using your password and login, until then your account will be deactivated.

If you can't find Facebook Deactivation option, use this link (you have to be logged in for that).


Don’t forget to back up

Don’t remove Facebook account before you back up: write down your friends’ contact information: their addresses, phone numbers, Skype logins and etc. Make sure you have all the pictures on your PC, if you don’t - download your Facebook photos back onto your PC.

Don’t deactivate it if there are other options

If you want to temporarily remove Facebook account so you can write a paper without any distractions, then it is better to not remove it at all and simply block this site on your PC until you are done with your assignment.



Facebook interface changes all the time, and some features become hard to access only because you can’t figure out where they went. But Facebook never completely changes its interface, which means once you memorize how to remove your account or edit your settings, you will be able to figure it out if Facebook changes again.

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