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How to Delete a Google Account


Removing Google account and Google + is easy. What you need to figure out is whether or not you really want it removed. You can easily remove Google + without removing Google account or Google profile. Here we offer you simple step by step instructions in case you want to remove your Google account, Google +, Google Profile or cancel your Gmail address. If you are one hundred percent sure this is what you want, then you should start.



Go to your account

Go to Google http://www.google.com. Click Sign In button in the top right hand corner and sign into your account. Click on your profile picture to open the menu. In the drop-down window you will see your Gmail address, View Profile button and “Account” right above it. Click on Account.


Account Management

Once your profile is loaded, scroll down to the Account Management section and choose one of these options:

  • Delete profile and remove related Google + features
  • Close account and delete all services and information associated with it

Removing account

1). If you pick the first option in step 2, you will see the window “Delete Google + content or your entire Google profile”. The next thing you will need to do is choose whether you want to delete your Google + content or the whole profile. If you choose to remove Google +, your comments and +1’s will be deleted, people in your circles will remain in your contacts, but the circles themselves will no longer exist. You will still have your chat friends from Google Talk and Gmail. If you decide to remove the entire profile, the YouTube channel linked with your Google+ profile will be removed, so will be your Google + pages, Google buzz, Goggle Buzz posts, Google + profile, and your public Google profile. Think carefully before you remove it: you won’t be able to restore the removed data. You will be able to bring your account “back to life” during 60 days after deleting. Once you make your choice, press Remove Selected Services.

2). If you pick the second option in step 2, in the “delete Google account” window you will be reminded what you may lose if you choose to go through with it:

  • Your Blogger;
  • Google Chrome Sync;
  • Web History;
  • iGoogle;
  • Gmail;
  • Google Talk;
  • Google Docs;
  • YouTube.

Below the list you will see the box to type your current password in. Once you fill the form, click on Delete the Google account.


  • Don't forget that removing Google account won't save you from any pending financial transactions.
  • Don't remove your account if you are not sure, read all the instructions carefully, there is no rush.



Follow the simple instructions given above and you will easily remove your profile, account or Google + profile. Please remember that deleting your Gmail address doesn’t free your username. Read more about it here:


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