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How to Delete History on Firefox


All of us are cautious about our privacy, especially when it comes to the websites we visit. Deleting browsing history is an inevitable step if you have to share your computer with other people, or use public computers and don't want people to see what sites you've been on. Luckily, you can clear the evidences of your being on these websites with just a couple of simple steps.

There is a number of reasons why you may want to delete your history. Probably you visit the websites with adult content and don‘t want your parents or your significant other to find that out. Or maybe you are looking for a birthday present online and don't want the one whose birthday it is to know what you are going to buy. Whatever the reason is, you can keep your private online life in secret by deleting your history and hiding the tracks.


  • The process is really easy. Open a Firefox browser and go to the View tab on the upper toolbar.
  • Then, you want to go to Sidebar and hit History in the popup menu. You can also press Ctrl+H to access your web history that will appear the Firefox sidebar. It will add a drop-down history list and show your most recent search.
  • To delete a single site from the list, you should check the sidebar and find the website you want to delete. It has a little arrow right in front of it. Click on this arrow and you'll expand the folder. This folder is just the folder of the domain. You'll see the listing of all the pages associated with this domain name on your computer.
  • If you are having a hard time finding the necessary folder, you can click on the View tab right in front of the Search box, and sort the information out by date and site, by site, by date, by most visited, and also by last visited. That's going to be useful if you don't remember the domain name of the website you want to delete. Feel free to organize the sites the way you like in order to find what you need.
  • If you know exactly what you are looking for, type the domain name of the website into the search box and it will come up with all the pages that you were searching for on that site.
  • Once the site is found, right click on it and press Delete. As simple as that! Another good news is that by deleting this website you automatically get rid of any evidence of hitting the hyperlinks on that site. Thus, you don't have to browse the list of visited websites because deleting 1 single site also deletes all your activity within that deleted resource.


  • Don't delete all the websites at once if you want to hide the fact of your being there from someone you share your computer with. That's going to look suspicious. The best idea is to delete some definite websites you don't want to be busted about. Thus, your history will look like you just visit Wikipedia and Discovery Channel's official websites.
  • Deleting the entire history means you won't be able to get back to the sites that you forgot. Think twice before doing that.



Privacy is not a myth when it comes to your online life. You can easily hide the tracks of your visiting some definite websites, and you can do it in a couple of clicks without buying any specific software. Enjoy your privacy!

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