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How to Defend the Validity of the Unique Character of the Christian Faith


If you are interested in the question of the peculiarities of the Christian religion and wish to learn more about the fact that the Christian religion possesses the unique character that makes it really stand out proceed reading this article. It would be useful for those who only start taking interest in the theme of religions and for the experienced religious people who just are searching for some new information or are tortured by the hesitation.

To make it clear what this article is about try to remember the short story written by Giovanni Boccaccio. The story is about a Jew and his friend who was a Christian and wished the Jew to accept Christianity as well. The Jew was about to accept Christianity but he wished to go to Rome and make sure that Christianity was what he actually needed. He told his friend that he wanted to see the Pope and the Cardinals to understand the life of the people who are the leaders of the Christian church. The Christian got upset as he was aware that the Jew would see only the sinful life of the clergy. The Jew went to Rome and as it was expected saw the gluttony, lust, vanity and lies that were wide-spread among the that day clergy. The Jew came back and his friend asked him about the life that he had seen with some fear. The answer was deeper than the Christian was expecting to hear. If the Christianity was able to resist all the sinful life that was supposes to be normal among the clergy and if this religion became only stronger that means the Christian faith is the only true one. The Jew accepted the Christianity.


Obtain the faith

To defend the validity of the unique character of the Christian faith you will need to take into consideration many facts. If you truly believe that the Christian religion is the really unique one it will be easier for you to defend your point of view in some disputes on this topic.

Respect the other religions

It is better to use the argumentation that wouldn't diminish the unique character of the other religions. Today a lot of the representatives of the other religions claim that it is the Christians themselves who repel the other people from accepting Christianity.

Defend your position

The most popular argumentation that is often used in this situation is mentioning the fact that the representatives of the other religions stick to their rules more strictly. Moreover you may hear that today even the material people and atheists can easier sacrifice something than the Christians do.

Provide some argumentation

Oppose to these facts mentioning the following thing. The easier it is to obey some law the farther from God this law is. The ones who walk along the wide and smooth road are less likely to obtain the heaven. The matter is that it is easier to obey the rules of the other religions. It is easier to be a Buddhist than a Christian. If the Christian will behave like the Buddhist who is presented as an example, he would be the bad Christian.

Don't diminish the others

However it is not the method of the Christian religion to defend its position by diminishing the other ones. Think of your opponents as of the lost sheep from the well-known psalm. Remember the fact that Christianity is the religion of the divine love and self-sacrifice and try to love your enemies.


  • Don't switch to offending your opponent by saying some rude words.
  • Don't lose your grip. Stay calm and relaxed in all the discussions.
  • Don't forget that you are a human as well and also commit some sins. Don't pretend to have no sins committed.



After all remember the fact that Jesus Christ is not guilty of all the bad things the Christians do. Perhaps the Christian religion is the most hard one for the human being. The other religions are more adjusted for the human nature while Christianity is aimed to make the human a better being. To some extend it may even seem totally strange for the sinful human nature. But the more difficult the way is the better result you will get.

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