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How to Defend Yourself


Self-defense is one of the most important things one should know. It is as important as maintaining a healthy lifestyle, as defending yourself - is saving your health or even life. If you are not in a good shape, weak, a child or a woman, then you shouldnít despair, there are ways to defend yourself even if you are not too strong. Here we will give you some general tips, but you should know that there is much more to it and to be sure you can defend yourself you need to learn even more.



Pressure points

In martial arts a pressure point is a point by pressing on which you can inflict a lot of pain and make an offender stop the fight. The good thing about it is: pressure points allow inflicting pain even if you are not very strong. There is a long list of pressure points that you can use when attacked, here are the ones you can use even if you don't know much about them:

  • temples;
  • eyes;
  • throat;
  • solar plexis;
  • shin;
  • groin.

Those are the obvious ones. But if someone grabs you, you wonít have much of a choice. Press between collarbones and a neck, you will need both hands for that. If someone grabs your forearm, you can turn to the offender and hit / press on the inner arm spot above the elbow: between the bone and a bicep. If you are being thrown on the ground, you can grab or palm strike the spot right above the knee: the inner part of a thigh, the spot between the muscle and a bone. If you are standing up, you can also kick an attacker in the shin Ė a very sensitive area. It is better to use a pen, a key or some other objects to hit a pressure point, but if you donít have anything at hand, here are a few types of strikes that you can use to defend yourself:

  • Fist;
  • Palm strike;
  • Knuckles;
  • Feet;
  • Knee.

Work out

As mentioned above, you donít have to be strong to affect a pressure point, but if you are attacked, you will need some strength to get to those pressure points. This is why if you are overweight, you need to do cardio exercises: jogging, jumping with a rope, riding a bike, or find a cardio routine and exercise regularly. You have to be a good runner to escape an attacker.



Escaping a bear hug. If an attacker grabs you from behind, bend your knees so your toes barely touch the ground, an attacker will lean forward a little as your weight will drag him down, and this is when you should step on his toes with your heel as hard as you can. You can try and kick him in the shin.

Escaping a back chock hold. If an attacker grabs your neck from behind, make a step forward to make some room behind you and kick back.


Donít underestimate your enemy! Simply reading about all these tricks is not going to help you: practice with a friend or take a self-defense class. If you are too small or light, escaping bear hug will be harder, what you should do is try to kick back. Donít neglect these self-defense rules!



If you live in a bad neighborhood, you have to take a self-defense class and never walk the streets alone if itís dark outside. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes, and always be ready to protect your neck from any offenders. Stay focused all the time in order to defend yourself if necessary.

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