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How to Defend Theism Monotheistic


Disputes for religion have been raging for ages, but still religion is probably one of the most nonconstructive topics to discuss. Itís very hard to prove your point of view, but all of us have to face with unbelievers from time to time and defend your beliefs. Passionate arguing and proving each other wrong is probably not the best way to win the battle though. You need to operate strong arguments and appeal to logic and common sense when you talk to someone who doesnít share your opinion, and thatís what this article is all about.

Dwell upon theoretical approach

Talking to atheists who believe that the world started with a Big Bang, you can say that the Big Bang Theory is still a THEORY, although itís easier to believe in. Just as theistic theory, the Big Bang theory wasnít totally proved, which means these two ideas are equally legit.

Prove the legitimacy of your religion

When atheist tries to prove you wrong, he/she usually says that materialistic approach is based on facts and cognitive knowledge. But theists do have that knowledge, too. They know that there is a power that rules all the processes in the Universe, but this knowledge is subjective. This is like believing in love Ė we donít see it and can convince ourselves that love doesnít exist, but we feel it with all our hearts and just KNOW it exists.

Materialistic approach

You can find the examples of proofs as well. Miracles, evidences of Jesus Christís existence, and many other things can work as evidences. Besides, you can say that the world is so complex and harmonious that itís just impossible that it appeared casually without a great idea behind it.

Talk about conscience

Basically, conscience is one of the strongest evidences of God. This is our inner compass that shows us what is good and what is bad. When we decline to bad things, it doesnít feel right to us. Some people may say that this is the result of our moral education, but look around Ė today, young people arenít taught to be conscientious. They are taught to be egoistic, search for pleasures, and be individual. However, young people still have the pangs of remorse when they do something wrong. I am conscientious, and it means that God exists.

Analogues with music

Tell your opponent that faith is like an ear to music. Everyone has it one way or another, but some people neglect it while others develop this gift. Faith is a gift, a natural reaction to natural impulses, and one who cherishes and develops it appears to be saner than one who denies it.

Donít be aggressive

Shouting, gesticulating wildly, and trying to crush your opponent is not the best way of arguing. Stay cool, opt for facts and logical ideas, and donít let your emotions ruin the conversation.

Donít argue with passionate atheists

Atheism is also a form of faith, and your opponent is probably just as passionate about their beliefs as you are. Try to avoid conversations about religion with this type of people.



People have been discussing their religious points of view since the outset of times. Ages ago, they used swords and torches to defend their opinions; today, the only weapon you can use in this war is Word. Use these tips to support your stand and defend your beliefs.

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