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How to Cut Side Bangs


Many prefer to go to hair stylists to cut and shape their hair, but no matter how hard you try to explain what you want, odds are, the result is not going to keep in tone with your facial features; then you cut your hair at home you see where it goes and in case you don’t like what you see, you can stop and change something. Cutting your own hair can be terrifying, but it is much easier that it seems.




Wash and dry your hair. Prepare your working space: you can place a trash can on your lap so cut hair ends drop right in, or simply place old newspapers all over the floor so you can roll them and throw out along with hair ends once you are done. Comb your hair.


Separate one section

Separate the section of your hair that you want to cut: take a comb and move it up to your hair from the arch of your eyebrow. Grab the section of your hair that is 1 – 2 inches thick (2.5 – 5 cm). That section is supposed to go from the arch of your left eyebrow to the arch of your right eyebrow and rise 1 – 2 inches up from the line where your hair begins (see the picture).


Cut the fringe

After you separate that section, make a ponytail so the rest of your hair doesn’t stand in the way. Brush your fringe. Take it in the middle and twist as it is shown in the picture. Cut your hair the way you would cut a sheet of paper, from one side to the other. Remember that since your fringe is twisted, you will get its mirror reflection, i.e. if you cut it from left to the right, once you let it go it will untwist and run down from right to the left.


Shape your fringe

Let go of your fringe so it falls freely. It is probably not perfect yet. At this point it looks like it’s been chopped off: the line is too perfect which looks unnatural. Brush it again and clench it between your fingers, slide fingers down till you reach ends. Your hair is supposed to be evenly spread between the fingers. Hold scissors razors up and make small cuts to thin out the ends.


  • Don't forget to twist your fringe before cutting it, this is the best and the most convenient way to cut side bangs.
  • Don't wet your hair before cutting: moist hair is heavy as it holds water which is why is seems longer. When you finish cutting and dry it, it will seem much shorter. Always dry-cut your fringe.



Don't be afraid to cut your own hair, no one can do it better than you: only you know what exactly you want and how you want it. If it's your first time cutting hair, don't cut it too short, practice making it 5 mm shorter (1/5 an inch), and if you succeed, cut it shorter!

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