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How to Cut Mens Hair


Any woman wants to be with a good-looking man. Unfortunately, some guys neglect their outlooks. Of course, there are some things in this life that are much more important than a haircut, but that's not a legit excuse for messy hair. If you faced with this problem or just want to save some money on professional haircut, you would be glad to know that you can easily do it at home.


  • Get your tools. You need to buy professional scissors, a cape, some combs, brushes, and an electric shaver. Check kits like this one or any other similar ones to make sure you have everything needed.
  • Ask a man to sit on a chair and cover his neck and shoulders with a cape. It will prevent hairs from falling on the skin and clothes.
  • Inspect the line of the previous haircut - this is an easy way to duplicate it. -Use a thin comb to brush his hair and identify a desired length.
  • Start cutting from the back of his head. You want to cut bottom-up, moving your way from left to right (if you are right-handed of course). Grab a thin section of hair, grip it between your index and middle fingers, move your fingers down to the desired length, and cut off the excess hair.
  • Repeat that with each and every section on the back of his head, comb his hair, and inspect it for any uneven layers.
  • Once you're done with the back of his head, skip to his temples. This is a challenging part of the process because usually men want their temples cut shorter than the rest of the head, and it's a bit harder to do. Use the same thin comb to section his hair and cut the excess hair off moving your way bottom-up. You can use your electric shaver if you want his temples really short.
  • If he has bangs, style this part of the head the way you like it. You can use thinning scissors to style it or just leave it a bit longer than the rest of the hair and style it as side swept bangs.
  • Again, inspect the head for any uneven layers and level it up. Use your electric shaver to shave the nape of the neck.
  • Once it looks good, use a brush to remove small hairs from his head and face and ask a man to go to the shower to wash the rest of small hairs away from his head and face.


  • Don't use blunt scissors. They create a messy look. Using sharp scissors you make the haircut look neat.
  • Don't use regular kitchen or stationery scissors. They won't do the trick. Invest in a high quality hairdresser's kit with several types of scissors, combs, and brushes. If you want to cut a man at home every time he needs a haircut, you would save a lot of money on salon care. Thus, your purchase would be ergonomically justified in no time.
  • Be careful with your scissors! You don't want to hurt your client.



Male haircuts are not that difficult to make if you have a grasp of things. Use these tips and forget about paying $20+ for a simple haircut each month. Obviously, you shouldn't try to make a really sophisticated haircut right off the bat, but these tips will help you make a basic haircut.

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