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How to Curl your Hair


Beautiful hair is not just nice to touch and look at, beautiful hair shows your health. Right hairdo means a lot for a woman, it can completely change face expression and style. Women with straight hair prefer to curl them, as wavy hair looks romantic and charming. Most women do nothing with their hair as they are sure it takes a lot of time. But does it? There are simple ways to make your hair look lovely, and it doesn't take much time at all. Once you learn how to do your hair, you are going to look fabulous every day. There's nothing wrong with trying out new styles at least to find out if they look good on you or not.


Rollers or curling iron

If you prefer to use a curling iron or rollers, then everything is pretty simple: you apply hair mousse to every section of your hair before you curl it, and spray - after. If you use rollers, your hair should be clean and a little wet, and if you use curling iron, then it should be clean and dry.

Ribbon Waving

The simplest way to curl your hair is ribbon waving - it takes only 10 minutes, you don't need much mousse (in fact, you don't have to use it at all)

You will need:

4 thin ropes / ribbons or even shoestrings;

4 elastics;




  • After you wash your hair and let it dry so it is just a little bit wet, you need to separate your hair in four big sections: first you make a raw, splitting it in two parts, and then you need to split each one of them in two. -Make 4 ponytails with 4 elastics; tie 4 ribbons to cover 4 elastics. If you want, you can use hair mousse before you start, but it is really your choice. Then take one section (with the rest of a ribbon) and start twisting it with your fingers.
  • After that, tie the end of the ribbon to the elastic. So what used to be a ponytail now looks like a circle or more like an oval. Do the same thing with other 3 ponytails. Make sure all the sections look the same: you don't want the swirls look different.
  • You can do some work around the house until your hair gets completely dry. If you do it in the evening, then you can just go to sleep. In the morning all you need to do is untie ribbons and take off the elastics. Shape your hair; see if everything looks nice and pretty and use a hair spray to fixate the swirls.


No extra tight elastics

Elastic shouldn't be too tight, otherwise it may leave a big and not very pretty swirl. If you are not sure about elastics, don't use them - try doing it without them.

Don't do that on wet hair

Don't do it if your hair is too wet, remember: it should be just a little wet, almost dry.



Curled hair looks charming, it makes you look younger, it also makes you look cuter and sweeter. Curly hair looks wonderful with cocktail dresses, skirts, shorts and jeans. This hairdo goes great with almost anything. All you need to do to get pretty wavy hair is follow our simple tips listed above. Have fun styling your hair!

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