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How to Curl Hair without Heat


Straightening or curling hair without heat is the right choice. Heat negatively affects your hair: it becomes dull, weak and fragile. If you want to have healthy shiny hair and a nice hairdo, you have to learn to straighten or curl your hair without heat. Not only is it possible, it is actually very easy: women all over the world have been doing it for centuries. Here we are going to describe a few ways to curl your hair without heat and hope you find them useful.


Hair buns

Wash your hair and wait for it to dry. You can blow dry it, but blow drying implies heat (unless you use the cool air mode). When your hair is almost dry Ė a little bit moist Ė itís time to curl it. Apply a little mousse first. Divide your hair in 2 sections (4 Ė if it is thick), twist each section with your fingers and wrap it around itself. Fixate buns with bobby pins and put scrunches over them so they donít unwrap. You can go to bed like this and in the morning your hair is going to be nice and wavy. Fixate your hairdo with a hair spray.

Gibson tuck

Another great way to curl your hair without heat is making Gibson tuck. Wash your hair and when itís almost dry, apply mousse and start rolling hair ends up tucking in hair sections that fall out. Fixate Gibson tuck with bobby pins. Unlike hair buns, Gibson tuck is convenient to sleep with. In the morning unwrap your hair and spray it to fixate your hairdo.

Hair rollers or magic leverage

Most women donít like hair rollers Ė it is just too much trouble and curls are not very durable. But there is an alternative solution: magic leverage. In the video below you can see how to use them: all you need to do is drag a hair section through a strip with a special hook after which that strip curls on its own. After you do this to all of your hair sections, you have to wait for your hair to dry completely. Apply magic leverage or hair rollers to moist hair and not wet. Remember to apply mousse beforehand and hair spray Ė afterwards.


If you donít want your hair to be curly, but you also donít want it to be 100% straight then after you wash it and it dries completely, apply mousse and split hair in 2 sections, twist each section and spray it with a hair spray. Your hair will be smooth and with a nice touch of a wave Ė this is the quickest hairdo in the world.


Donít curl wet hair

Never curl wet hair: it will take too long to dry (maybe even longer than 8 hours), and effect wonít be so good. You get best curls when you curl a little bit moist hair.

Donít drop the idea

If your hair is dry, it doesnít mean you canít curl it, it also doesnít mean you have to wash it in order to curl: simply spray a little bit water over your hair and start curling.



Most women look charming with wavy hair. Curled hair looks festive and attractive, and if your natural hair is straight it doesnít mean you have to damage it in order to curl, there are safe ways and we have offered some of them here.

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