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How to Cuddle


Cuddling is one of the most pleasant things in the world. What can be better than hugging a person you care about? There is a plenty of opportunities for cuddling: cuddling before you go to sleep, cuddling while you watch a movie, cuddling after sex and etc. Every cuddle warms your hear and lightens up your soul. Some people claim that they donít like it, but the truth is: we all want to cuddle at some point. Some prefer to cuddle when they feel great, others like to cuddle when they feel blue; and this article is about how to do it right.



Make sure your cuddly partner is up for a cuddle

Your partner should want to cuddle as much as you do, otherwise neither one of you will get any pleasure.


Pick a spot for cuddling

The best place to cuddle is a bed where you can both lie and relax. The second best place to cuddle is a couch. But if you choose a couch you will have to crouch there and it may be uncomfortable, in which case cuddle is going to be ruined.


Pick a type of cuddle and start cuddling

a) One of the most convenient types of cuddle is spooning. To spoon, both partners are supposed to lie on their side (same side) very close to each other. The cuddler is supposed to cuddle a cuddlee from behind. It is very convenient when lying on a couch and watching a movie, this way even if a couch is small you both are going to be comfortable. It is also a great position to sleep in: it is convenient and doesnít hurt your back in the morning.

b) Another great type of cuddle is lying on your back with your partner lying on your chest. Since men have broad shoulders and women are generally lighter than men, a woman go on top. Rest your head on your partnerís chest and enjoy watching a movie, sleeping or just cuddling after sex. Warning: some people find this type of cuddle inconvenient.

c) The simplest way to cuddle is cuddle sitting one a couch. This one is appropriate for the first dates, when partners donít know each other too well yet: a man is sitting on a couch and a woman is sitting near him, her legs on the couch and her hands on his shoulder or in his hands.

d) If you decided to cuddle while you read, then a woman can sit while a man can lay his head on her lap. This position, unlike other positions described above, allows making an eye-contact.

e) If you are sleeping or resting after sex, you can simply lie next to your partner and put your arm or leg (or both) around them.


Donít hurt your partner

If you are heavier than your partner, then make sure your partner is comfortable and not hurt.

Donít refuse from a cuddle

Try to not refuse from a cuddle, it may cause misunderstanding and you or your partner may hold the grudge and it is never good for a relationship.



If you are a man, don't make fun of your woman just because she likes to cuddle. There are reasons for that, and if you are interested, listen to what Louis C.K. says about it.

It is wonderful when both partners want to cuddle, this gives an incredible feeling of intimacy. We hope our article was helpful for you!

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