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How to Create a Website


This is the question many Internet users ask themselves every day across the globe, and the vast majority of them mistakenly believe that it's impossible to do without special training and specific skills. In fact, it's easier than it seems... once you know how. Learning web craft of this level isn't too difficult for anyone. All you need is a healthy amount of courage and some preparation. Basically, you can create your first primitive web page in a couple of hours. But first of all, let's make some things clear. Why do you need to create a website? Indeed, there are thousands or registered domains, all of them are dedicated to the same things, so why creating one more? What's the use in having your own web resource? Well, it depends on your activity category. Thus, if you have some sort of business, launching your own website can be a great advertising tool for you. Some people build their own sites when have some ideas they want to share with the community. Plus, there are a lot of web developers and web designers who practice their knowledge and skills. If you sell something, online shop can boost the sales and increase your income beyond recognition. All in all, having your own website is cool, so let's check some easy guidelines to make the dream come true.




Ideally, you should start with learning HTML (HyperText Markup Language). This is the very basic thing you should know to create your site. In bare bones, HTML is the markup language for displaying web pages in browser. There are lots of books about learning this programming language, and many of them are "For Dummies". This will be "the skeleton" of your site.



As soon as the skeleton is learned, it's time to add some "meat" to it and learn CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). It is a style sheet language that is in charge for your future site's look and formatting. An again, you can use some books to learn how to use it. Basically, you can build a website with HTML knowledge only, without applying CSS, but it will deprive you from using tons of useful features, so it is highly recommended to learn both.


Domain Name

Pick the right domain name. Choosing a proper name for your site is crucial. The difficult part here is the fact that there are millions of sites out there, and all of them have domain names that can't be duplicated. Thus, your desired name can already be taken. In this case, you can add the so called stop words like "online" or "world". You can also add the name of your city to the domain name. For example, if you have a company called "Whatever Company", but the domain name "whatevercompany.com" is taken, you can make it "whatevercompanyiowa.com" or "whatevercompanyonline.com". Besides, you can add some allowed punctuation. Registering domain name on Godaddy.com will only cost you $12.



After your domain is chosen and registered, it's time to host your site. Web host can be free and paid, and it's up to you to choose which one to use. Basically, web hosting is the address you buy for your site in the World Wide Web. It's vital to choose a trustworthy web hosting company because if it's not, your site will be offline every single time they have some problems. Hostgator.com and Bluehost.com are probably the most popular ones in the niche.


  • Don't make your domain name too long because it's hard to type and memorize.
  • Try to register your domain name in .com or .net zones. Other zones like .info or .biz have smaller chances to get top Google rankings.
  • Search engine optimization is very important, but you shouldn't pay for it if this is your first trial because it can cost you a fortune.



All in all, building your own website is very easy if you really want to have one and are ready to devote some time on preparation and learning. Thousands of websites are created every day, so why not trying it? Hopefully, our tips will make it a bit easier to do.

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