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How to Cover up Acne


Many girls have quite decent and pretty faces but canít look their best because of acne and acne scars. It distracts the attention and looks really bad. Fear not! Acne is curable and you can use little tricks to cover it up while struggling with the problem.

Many girls make the same mistake by wearing two inches of makeup because it seems to be the only way to cover up their acne. In fact, cakey face doesnít look any better than severe acne. Luckily, you can get a natural looking skin that doesnít look like a mask if you use the right beauty supplies. Letís check them out.


Prepare your face

Remember that problem skin needs special care. Before starting your daily foundation routine, wash your face with your favorite products and moisturize the skin. Make sure you choose light mattifying moisturizer. Donít forget to wash your hands.


Apply face primer

You can use Clinique City Block Sheer with SPF 25 protection Ė itís absolutely invisible on your skin and has a light concealing effect that evens your skin.


Some girls love BB creams (you can find them in LíOreal, Garnier, and many other brands) because they smoothen the skin really good, fill in your pores and make them invisible. However, remember that blocking your pores is the last thing you want to do when struggle with acne.

Estee Lauder Idealist does a great job when you need to smoothen your skin as well. It also helps hide redness:



Apply foundation

The choice of the foundation depends on your type of skin and personal preferences. If your acne is moderate and doesnít look so bad, you want to opt for light textures to avoid that mask-looking makeup, such as Lancome Teint Idole or Revlon Photready. Revlon series is just perfect for people with acne because it combines very lightweight feel and a very heavy coverage.



Apply concealer

With your foundation on, your face looks much better, but you still can see the signs of acne. Concealer is exactly what will hide the imperfections. Basically, any cosmetics manufacturer produces concealers and you have to try different variants to choose the best one for you. Try Cat Von D Tattoo Concealer:


Revlon Photoready concealer is also a great coverage:


Just apply a little bit of concealer to your problem areas to conceal the blemishes that are showing through. Use a thin eye makeup brush to blend it.


Apply powder

This is an optional step because by now you already wear a lot of makeup on your face. However, acne is typical for oily skin, so some extra mattifying is probably a good thing to do. You are looking for really light powder like Covergirl Clean powder or Clinique powders for problem skin. Use a thick powder brush to apply a little bit of powder at your forehead, nose, and chin.

  • Donít use too heavy supplies. Heavy coverage will make the situation worse.
  • Donít use this type of foundation routine every day. Itís not good for your skin.
  • Donít forget to remove makeup every day.
  • Donít forget to clean your brushes! Donít use dirty brushes on your skin.



Although cover ups donít solve the acne problem, it helps at least overcome the embarrassment. Check the tips to get a healthy-looking redness and blemishes free skin and donít forget to treat your problem. Experiment with different products and acne treatments. Finally, remember that confidence and smile are the best cover ups for acne!

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