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How to Count Calories


The method of counting the calories was originated in the beginning of the XX century, in the 20s to be more precise. Still the large amount of nutritionists are sure that this way is one of the best method to lessen the nutritional value of the products you consume. Counting the calories you will get the result without full refuse from your favorite dishes, health disorders and the changing of the eating habits. The scientists have carried out a lot of tests and researches connected with the comparison of the diet excluding some type of the nutrients, for example, carbohydrates and the low calorie diet. It was a surprise but the low calorie diets were perceived as the milder ones and they provided the better results as well. The losing of the fat weight was more smooth and stable than in the cases with the total refuse from some definite kinds of the products. However many people may still have some hesitations about the real effect of the low calorie diet. Let us consider all the pros and cons. How to count the calories and lose weight? The first advantage is that you will be able to eat everything you want without any exceptions.


Define your essential daily calorage

First of all you need to define your daily requirement for the calories. That means how many calories your organism needs per day and night to support the proper functioning of all the systems and supporting your vital tonus. The most part of the nutritionists advise to start the process of losing weight from the point of your average need of calories per day. The most part of the women need somewhere about 1 200 or 1 900 calories per day. That depends upon the body mass index, the way of life and the amount of the physical strain. If you will make up the proper menu for each day you won't stay hungry for sure. To count calories doesn't mean to refuse from the family dinners or sitting in the pubs with your friends. The main principle of the low calorie diet is to eat less calories then you spend per day.

Dieting calorage

The most part of the modern diets may vary from the amount of 1 500 to 1 600 calories. That will be slightly less than the average amount of the calories consumed normally per day. That's why it is easier to count the calories than switch from one diet to another.

Define the calorie value of each serving

How to get acquainted with counting the calories using the easiest way? Count the calories and lose weight. You will need the calorie table, the kitchen scales and the pan. In the case you don't have the scales you may still use the method of equal proportions. Imagine you have bought the piece of cheese that weighs 1 lb. Divide it into 16 equal parts. Each part will weigh 1 oz. Find the calorie value in the table and write it down. You may suppose the calories value of 1 oz per 100% and the calories value of 5 oz per 500%. Make the proportion and count the amount of the calories in the larger piece. Count the sum of the calorie value of all the ingredients that go in the dish.


  • Don't miss the shacks you eat during the day. Take into consideration that every piece of food counts.
  • Don't neglect the accuracy. It is better to use the pair of scales.
  • Don't neglect using the calculator. If the figures are too big why not to use the modern technologies.



Take into consideration tat the calorie value of the food depends upon the size of the serving as well. The calorie value of tea, coffee and water is suppose to be zero. Besides that fatty products are always high calorie ones.

If it is difficult for you to count calories manually, you can download some apps for your smartphone that will do that automatically for you.

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