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How to Cornrow


Cornrow braids are universal, both: girls and guys can wear them. Most people know how to braid a simple braid but not everyone knows how to braid one that goes along your head, such braids are a little bit harder to make, although all it takes is focus and a steady hand. Here we will give you step-by-step instructions on how to cornrow your hair so you can easily do it yourself in the future.


You will need:

  • shampoo and hair conditioner;
  • comb and a brush;
  • a few hair grips or hair clips;
  • a couple of hair elastics;
  • two mirrors – a big one and a hand mirror;
  • hair spray (optional).



Prepare your hair

Wash your hair, use a hair conditioner and wait till your hair dries completely. Use a hair dryer if you have to. Once you are done, brush your hair and think where you want to start. Some people prefer to start braiding from the middle section, others - from around-the-ear section. When you choose, separate a thin section (row) going along your head from the forehead to the back of your head. Use hair grips, clips or elastics to fixate the rest of your hair so it doesn’t stand in the way.


Start braiding

Once you select a row, separate a section that is closer to the forehead and divide it into 3 really tiny sections. They have to be very thin, since you will need to add more hair every half an inch or so. Sections that you add have to be small, too.


Make your first cornrow

Take the three sections that you have separated and put the left one over the middle section, then put the right section over the middle one (the one that used to be on the left). We will call this a knot. After you make the first knot of the braid, make another one: put the left section over the middle one, then – the right section of the middle one. After you make the first two knots, take the fourth section from the row and add it to one of the three sections you are braiding. This is necessary to keep the braid close to your scull. After you add a section to one of the three, make another two knots and add another section to one of the two thinnest sections.



Keep braiding your hair the same way. Once you are done, use a hand mirror to see the reflection of the back of your head in the bigger mirror. If you like the result, fixate your cornrows with hair spray (optional), if you don’t – unbraid cornrows that don’t look good and try again.


  • It is better to not cornrow your hair if not all of it is of the same length.
  • Don't try to cornrow your hair if it is layered.
  • Don't give up if you can't cornrow your hair on the first try - it may take time.



Cornrows can be combined with other hairstyles, you don't have to cornrow all of your hair: to create a new hairstyle, cornrow just one small section and let the rest of your hair fall freely on your shoulders (like in the video attached above).

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