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How to Cook a Roast


Roast is a wonderful dish. There are many ways to cook meat, most prefer roasting or grilling it. Another wonderful way to cook meat is to cook it in casseroles. Our resource can help you cook anything you want, and if you want to cook a perfect roast, follow our instructions. Here is one of the easiest pot roast recipes one can find online, although cooking itself takes some time so make sure you have it before you start making all the preparations.



  • olive or vegetable oil for frying;
  • piece of meat (beef);
  • 7 medium size carrots;
  • 1 large or 3 small onions;
  • salt and pepper to your taste;
  • beef broth (instant one would also do);
  • greens to taste: dill, parsley, thyme, rosemary.



Rub salt and pepper on the piece of meat. Cut onions in half (or in quarters, depending on their size). Fry onions and carrots in vegetable or olive oil. You can fry onions first, then Ė carrots, or you just fry them together until golden (for onions) / brown (for carrots). Remove them from the pan.


Add some more oil to the pan and fry meat on both sides for a minute or two. Remove meat from that pan. Pour a cup of beef broth into the pan, stirring it as you do so. Place beef back in the pan so it sinks in broth (but only 1/2 of it).

Finish Pot Roast

Add carrots and onions to the pan, then add greens to your taste. If you are using thyme or rosemary, 3 sprigs of each is enough. Preheat the oven to 140 degrees C (about 285 degrees F), place meat and vegetables in there and cook for 1 hour per 1 lb.


  • Donít cook beef less than an hour per 1 lb. Temperature has to be this low (140 degrees C / 285 degrees F) - if itís higher, cooking time has to be less than an hour.
  • Donít skip frying meat and vegetables before cooking them in the oven, follow instructions step by step: frying, then baking for 1h per 1lb on low - 140 C (285 F).
  • If you cook a 4 lb piece of beef for 4 hours, donít forget to use a cooker hood so you and your apartment donít smell like meat.
  • Donít forget to check if meat is ready every once in a while, and add broth if necessary, but it shouldnít cover meat all the way. Make sure the top part of meat and vegetables donít burn. If vegetables are ready and beef is not, carefully take vegetables out using oven mitts and keep cooking meat.



There are much more ways of cooking roast, you can choose those ones that fit in your lifestyle. The one we offer is not a low calorie one but it is still really a healthy dish. Pot food is a very tender one for example on comparing to fried one. Try various vegetable mixtures and spices to find out what is the best recipe for you.

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