How to Cook Ham


The main enemy of any type of diets and all the kinds of healthy eating principles is sandwich. Sandwiches are not normally treated as some complete meals. They are used as a snack and may be eaten between the full-fledged meals.

It is often difficult to refuse from eating sweets, drinking fizzy drinks or consuming large amounts of pastry. However the hardest food to refuse from is a sandwich, of course. Though the sandwich bread may be supposed to be healthy food since it contains dietary fibers or grains sometimes the filling can't be called healthy at all. The most popular sandwich is ham-and-cheese one. However the processed ham and the cream cheese spread are far from what can be called healthy boiled low-fat meat and high-protein cottage cheese.

Does the slice of the cold meat seem too plain to you? Try to make your own delicious ham which will be 100% free from stabilizers, artificial colors and preservatives.



2 lbs of pork;

1/2 lb of beef;

1 lb of bacon;


1/2 cup of peeled pistachio nuts;

1/2 cup of dry white wine;

1 teaspoon of jeera seeds;

1 tablespoonful of white pepper;

1 tablespoonful of black pepper;

1/4 of a nutmeg;

1 teaspoon of sugar;

1 teaspoon of salt


  • Make the meat farce using all the meat pieces. Ham may be made of meat farce which consists of several different meat types. Ground meat and add all the spices that you have selected for your ham. You may add some more spices according to your personal taste. Some gourmets claim that spices traditionally used in sweet desserts like cinnamon or cardamom add much to the taste of meat.
  • You may also try to add some ground nuts to your ham. If you don't have any nuts you may try to replace them with mushrooms or vegetables. All those ingredients will add some specific taste notes to your ham.
  • Basically there are two main rules that you need to observe before you put your ham to boil. First of all it is necessary that no less than 50% of meat is ground. The meat pieces selected for ham cooking should contain enough fat. Otherwise your ham will be too dry and tasteless. You may add some wheat flour to make your ham thicker.
  • Shape the thick roll and wrap it into the special thick film. Puncture the film in several places with a fork. Place the roll into a ham maker and shut it tightly.
  • Boil your ham in a ham maker for 3 hours. Let it cool down naturally.


  • Don't choose the low-fat pieces of meat if you wish to use them for making ham. Fat defines the taste of food and makes it softer.
  • Don't overcook your ham. 3 hours will be quite enough. The overcooked ham reminds of a dry shoe sole.
  • Don't add any stabilizers or preserving components to your ham. It is better to cook as much as you are able to eat.



There are some alternative solutions for those who don't have the special ham maker. It is necessary to keep the meat pressed as it is long its volume while being boiled. You may use the empty juice carton and bind the ham tightly with the thick threads. Take the ham out of the boiling water each time you notice that the threads sit loose. Tighten the threads and return the ham to the boiling water.

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