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How to Convince your Boyfriend to Take You on an Overseas Trip


Spending vacation with someone you are in love with is really exciting, and any girl dreams about an overseas trip with her boyfriend. However, it's not an easy plan to fulfill. First of all, guys are always busy and it's hard to convince them to take a break and escape from daily routines. Besides, overseas trip costs money, and you don't want to go Dutch when it comes to plane tickets and hotel rooms. Luckily, these are some ninja tricks that can help you convince your boyfriend to accompany you on your vacation and probably pay for it.


  • Choose the right moment when he is relaxed and in a good mood. Ingenuously start a conversation and tell him that it would nice to take a break and go somewhere together. Watch his reaction: if you see that he is not really excited about this idea, you'd better slowly change the topic. If you keep insisting, he would lose his temper and this discussion would be closed for a long time. If you stop talking about it immediately, you would have a chance to get back to it later with another approach.
  • If he is hesitating but doesn't reject the idea right off the bat, you can keep playing your dirty tricks on him. Talk about a great time you will spend there, remind him of a country he has never been to and tell him why it is a right time to go there. Think about your arguments beforehand and try to sound convincing. If he says that he can't afford it financially, propose some plan that can help him save money or just convince him that this experience is worth investing.
  • Remember that your request should very naturally. He should understand that getting what you want is natural for you. Your proposal shouldn't sound like "Please, honey, take me on a trip" but "I'm sick of winter. Let's go to Bali".
  • Alternatively, you can start dropping hints without verbalizing your proposal. Be nice to him and treat him like a king for a week or two: try to avoid any conflicts, support him, cook dinners, and forget about "headaches" in your bedroom. After a week or two, make him some nice and unexpected gift without any reason ("Just because I love you and want to make you happy"). Meanwhile, don't stop hinting during this time ("It's so cold outside. I wish we both were on the beach right now, sipping cocktails and tanning", "Remember Mike and Sue? They came back from Hawaii yesterday. They told me it was just awesome", etc). Your boyfriend would be so flattered and happy about your behavior and feel the urge to do something nice to you in return. Once this idea crosses his mind, he will start thinking what kind of gift he can make. "She's been talking about vacation for weeks now. Hmm, that's not the best time for it… and I'm short of money now… Oh, dammit, she's the best girlfriend in the world! I will do it for her". As simple as that!


Don't beg for it

You are not a beggar after all. You want to do it naturally and ingenuously like a beloved child asks her daddy to buy her a doll. Once you show him that his gifts are vital for you, you would go to a beggar's level. Men don't like dependent pleading women. They like queens.

Don't be hysterical if he refuses to your suggestion

If you shout at him and throw lamps into his head, you can be sure he will never ever favor your wishes.



Some guys are really hard to convince in something, but they have no idea what an amazing opportunity they miss when reject your idea to spend a vacation together. Luckily, with a little bit of ruse and wise approach, you can change his mind. Just make sure this trip is good for both of you and don't try to force him into something he doesn't really want for some reason.

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