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How to Convert Mp4 to Wmv


Sometimes, users have problems with playing .mp4 files with certain players. If that’s the case, you still can watch your .mp4 files by converting them to different formats, such as .wmv (Windows Media Video). Doing so, you know your file will be easily played in Windows Media Player. It’s a fairly easy process – all you need is a working mp4 file and a good file converter. If you need some directions on how to convert mp4 to wmv, please read on and follow these easy steps to complete the process.


Download a converter

There are dozens of mp4 to wmv converters to be found online. Just open your browser and type “download mp4 to wmv converter” into the search box. Or go to software directories like SourceForge http://sourceforge.net/ and get yourself an app from there. Usually, the first 5-10 results are the most reputable and trustworthy services. Once the program is downloaded, install and run it on your computer.


Upload your mp4 file to the converter

The process may vary from converter to converter, but usually it looks pretty much the same. As a rule, these converters have simple and intuitive interface, so just inspect your converter and understand how it works. To upload the file, you are usually required to hit the Add/Upload/Select file button and find the desired file on your computer.


Choose the type of file

Some converters will offer only .wmv option, but some of them possess more formats to convert to. Select the desired format in the suggested dropdown menu.


Choose the device preset

The types of wmv files may vary depending on the device you want to play your files on. Thus, if you use Xbox or want to add it in PowerPoint, or are looking for wmv for web use, you are free to select the necessary option from the menu. However, wmv generic will work for any purpose.


Select the location

Just choose where you want to store your new file on your computer.


Convert the file

Find the Convert button in the menu and hit it. After that, all you need to do is wait until the file is converted.


Test the file

Open your new .wmv file with the player and make sure it works. If it doesn’t work, try to open it with another player, repeat the process of conversion, or contact the support team of the website you’ve downloaded the program from.

Don’t download paid programs

There are so many free services, and most of them do the job perfectly. There’s no need in paying money for things you can get for free.

Avoid untrustworthy services

Alongside with malware, spyware, and adware, they can bring you such unexpected surprises as fees, unpleasant fine prints, or scam.



Wide variety of software, devices, and file formats forces us to deal with file conversion pretty often. Luckily, it’s not a problem when you have a proper program and a little bit of knowledge. Use our tutorial to make sure you don’t skip or forget anything and enjoy your videos regardless of software and initial file format.

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