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How to Contact Facebook


Millions of people all over the world use Facebook to keep in touch with friends, to share their pictures, they join the groups and follow some pages. No wonder that such a huge network have some problems from time to time. If you are having problems with your Facebook account and can't handle it on your own, you can contact Facebook's support team to ask for some assistance.


  • Log in to your account and take a look at the bottom of the page. You'll see the Help button, so go ahead and click on it. You'll be redirected to their Help Center. In here, you want to click on Report An Issue option. You'll see the list of suggested issues (report a violation, bug, bullying, etc) - choose one that suits your situation. This action will redirect you to the developers' forum where you can ask your questions and get the answers form professionals.
  • Don't choose the Feedback option if you have an urgent problem that needs to be solved as soon as possible. They usually don't respond to feedback emails and use them for statistics. However, you can fill in a special form and describe your issue in details. Send this form to the developers to let them know their website has this type of problems.
  • You can also send an email to info@facebook.com , but this method works way worse than the previous one. Nevertheless, you can still use this option to have better chances for quick reply.
  • You can try to contact Facebook support team by phone in case you never got the respond. Call (650) 543-4800 and follow the instructions to reach a certain department that deals with your type of problems. Typically, they don't fix the issues by the phone, but you can get a lot of useful information if you succeeded to reach the right department.


  • Don't try to contact Mark Zuckerberg to get the answer. Apparently, some people believe that the founder of Facebook spend sleepless nights answering users' questions about bugs and login problems. Don't be one of them (unless you have a really serious problem that can potentially lead to cyber apocalypse or whatever).
  • Don't panic if they didn't answer you right away. They have thousands of angry users online every single day, so be patient and wait for your turn.
  • Don't ask for help on some resources outside Facebook. Of course, there are some forums where you can get a piece of advice from other users, but you never want to mess with them if they ask you to share some personal information like your passwords or phone number, let alone credit card numbers or Paypal password.
  • Don't be rude. Support team will do its best to help you solve your problem, but you should stay friendly and positive. Its not their fault after all, and insulting people is never an option.



You can use these tips for contacting Facebook in case you've got your account banned for some reason or hacked, and also in case you have login problems or bugs, faced with cyber bullying, or want to advertise on Facebook and need some guidelines and permissions.

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