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How to Conceive a Girl


If you decided to conceive a girl, try to use one of the following methods or even combine some of them. Of course, no one would give the 100 % guarantee that these methods will provide reliable results, but anyway you may just try. However you need to remember that you shouldn't take the things that serious. You may just try some methods and have fun but nothing more. It isn't quite reliable to use any of them still. the 100 % precise result may be provided only by in vitro fertilization.

In general all the recommendations may be divided into several groups.


The temporal recommendations

The fact the semen with which set of the chromosomes would be the most active depends upon the time when it has found itself in the cervix. The "boys" are more active but less stable. The "girls" are slower but the live longer. That's why it is recommended to have the sexual contact 1 day before ovulation. Of course you shouldn't forget about the fact that this theory doesn't have any scientific proof. The possibility to get pregnant is always higher if you have the sexual contact right on the day when the ovulation happens.

The calendar method

This is the ancient Chinese method. The Chinese suppose that the sex of the baby depends upon the exact age of the mother, the date and the month of her birth. If you browse you will even find the comfortable conception table on the Internet. But you may find out your number by yourself as well. To do that just add the numbers of your age, month of your birth and the month of the planned pregnancy. If the sum will be an even number you will give the birth to a girl.

For example Imagine the woman of 30 years old who was born in May. She is planning to conceive in February. 30+5+2=37. As you may easily see the number is odd. That means she has to be sexually active in March.

The blood characteristics

It isn't the new fact that our blood completely renews from time to time. The full cycle of blood renewal happens each 3 years in the female organism and each 4 years in the organism of a man. The baby will be the same sex with the parent whose blood is "younger". That's why it is necessary to plan the pregnancy when the blood of the woman is young. That may be found out easily. Imagine the woman is 26 and the man is 35. 26:3=8,7. 35:4=8,8. That is the perfect time for conceiving a girl. The number of the woman is less so her blood is more fresh. By the way is the numbers are equal it is possible that you will conceive the twins. You may make all these counts before you start planning your pregnancy.

The peculiarities of the sexual contacts. When and how?

They say that the women were conceived during the wet weather. If it is winter it should be snowing. The rain will also be your good friend during the pregnancy planning period. It is better to choose the comfortable natural poses without any acrobatic elements. It is also supposed that the mothers who are older than 30 often have baby girls especially if she is their first child. The difficult periods of life often are characterized by the higher amount of the newborn boys. That's why there is some sense to wait for the wars, economical crises or revolutions to pass away.


  • Don't eat a lot of meat, sausages or fish if you wish to conceive a girl.
  • Don't conceive being distressed.
  • Don't take all these tips too seriously. The reliable result may be provided only by in vitro fertilization.



Besides this all you should also have the great wish to conceive a girl. Imagine her in your arms. But that is possible that soon you will be happy to have the baby of any gender. Some women may have fears that they wouldn't be able to love and bring up a child of a non-desired gender. That itsn't true however. You will love your baby as soon as you hold it no matter if it will be a boy or a girl.

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