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How to Conceive Twins


First of all, you should know that conceiving identical twins can't be planned. Scientists are still not sure how exactly it works: an egg just clones itself and the process can't be provoked on purpose. But if you are willing to have not identical twins, you can succeed. There is a number of ways to conceive twins. Normally every month an egg enters the fallopian tube, if a baby isn't conceived, it disappears in 1 - 2 days. Twins are conceived when not one, but two (or even more) eggs stick together and enter a fallopian tube. From the two different eggs you get two babies that are not identical.




Age after 30 - 35. The older the mother, the bigger the chance she may have twins. But you don't want to rely on that - even in this case chances are very small. Besides, the older the mother, the bigger the chance her baby can be weak or even sick.


Number of pregnancies

Every following pregnancy increases the chance to have twins. You can try to conceive a baby as soon after your first pregnancy as possible. Consult a doctor to learn if it is safe for you to have your second baby so soon. Remember! If you had a C-section, this method is not for you, as there is a high risk your scarred uterus won't handle the pressure of the second pregnancy so soon (especially if you are planning on having twins!). Talk to your doctor about it.


Ethnic origin

It is noticed that Asians, Europeans, Africans and people from the Middle East are more likely to have twins. You need to remember - man's nationality and genes don't affect a woman's ability to conceive twins.


In vitro fertilization

In vitro fertilization can help you have as many babies at once as you want, consult a doctor to learn more.


Certain drugs

Birth control pills and fertility drugs (and any hormonal pills for that matter) can have conceiving twins as one of the "side effects". If you didn't want to have twins, you would have to wait a few months after you stopped taking pills before you could start trying to conceive. There is a good chance it can work the first couple of months after you stop taking them (Follicle-stimulating hormone is a hormone that affects the number of eggs that come out of ovaries).


Some products

Some believe that eating such products as yams can also help to have twins. If you keep a diet, there is a huge chance you'll never have twins. Eat whatever you want (healthy food).



If twins run in a woman's family, it increases her chances to have twins.


  • Don't get upset if you can't have twins - no one can guarantee you will be able to.
  • Don't plan twins if you are not ready for the whole package of possible issues: the strongest toxicosis, anaemia, premature birth, C-section (if you refuse from C-section and have a prolonged labor, the second baby can die), extreme body changes, etc.
  • Don't plan on having twins if you have health issues, for instance: if you have kidney problems, your kidneys can start failing in the third trimester as the uterus weight will affect them.



Having two babies at once is tempting - a woman gets to be pregnant just once and go through labor just once. Besides - your children will never be alone, they will have each other. But you should remember that having twins is a huge stress for your body. You should consider it only if you are a very strong and healthy woman.

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