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How to Clean Stainless Steel Appliances


Stainless steel appliances are widely used. Such steel contains large amount of chrome. It lets alloy resist the influence of atmosphere fallout, light-salted and slightly acidic environment. Stainless steel has a high mechanical stability, which makes it great for at-home use and food industry. Not only stainless steel appliances are convenient, they look good in any modern home, regardless of the interior style, and furniture color.


Soft napkin / paper towels

Such appliances are to be cleaned with a soft microfiber napkin / paper towels and a cleaning solution that doesn't contain abrasives, acids, chlorides, or sodium. The old settled stains are to be left in water for a while and wiped with a dry napkin afterwards.

Dishwashing liquid & other solutions

You have to wipe the appliances with special cleaning solutions for stainless steel. Grease stains can be removed with a dishwashing liquid.

Dry napkin

More often than not stainless steel has a protection cover. There are different kinds of protective coatings; one of them is silicone grease. It is very easy to clean and you are not going to get finger prints on your fridge every time you touch it. But such coating is not very durable, as it needs to be renewed every 6 months. Other kinds of coatings are more durable and protect stainless steel appliances very well, they just need to be cleaned with a dry napkin every once in a while.

Cleaning solutions for stainless steel

If your stainless steel appliances don't have any protective coating, they need to be taken care of: clean them only with special cleaning substances for stainless steel (see the link above). Manuals of the most household appliances specify how to clean them.

Boil tableware

If you have saucepans, dishes, forks and/or knives made of stainless steel, you may want to boil them in case there are settled stains or burnt pieces of food.

Lemon juice & wool

In case your appliances are tainted, you can clean them with lemon juice and wool, it works perfectly well. Always use a soft napkin to clean your household appliances.


  • You need to remember, that you can't clean stainless steel appliances with a hard brush, you can't scratch them, or clean them with grain materials.
  • You can't clean them with cleaning substances that contain sand, acids, chlorides, or sodium.
  • You can't scar them.



As you see, there is nothing difficult about cleaning your stainless steel household appliances. Housekeeping is easy and pleasant if you know exactly what to do and how to do it. Stainless steel appliances look good in any kitchen. If you keep in mind all our tips, your kitchen is going to look great.

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