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How to Clean Fuel Injectors


Any car owner knows that car is a living organism that grows old and falls ill from time to time. If not treated, these "illnesses" can affect the vehicle and turn each and every ride into a pain in the neck. Besides, it's always better to take a timely care of different parts of your iron friend instead of paying hundreds of dollars for repair in the future.

Fuel injectors can get clogged up and cause burning a lot more gas than you usually burn. Luckily, you can clean fuel injectors in your car by yourself without paying money.



Basic cleaning

  • The only thing you need to clean your fuel injectors is some fuel system cleaner. Feel free to buy a special kit at your local automotive store.
  • Disconnect the fuel pump from the injectors and attach a cleaner to them according to the manufacturer's instructions.
  • Remove the cap from the fuel tank, turn on the car and let the cleaner do its work for about 10 minutes. You know it's clean when the engine shuts down. -After that, just remove the cleaner and reattach the fuel pump.
  • Put the cap back on its place and start the car. Listen to the sound. If the engine doesn't make any weird noises, you can be proud of yourself because you did a good job.

Alternative methods of cleaning fuel injectors

You'll need:

fuel system cleaner

turkey baster

5/16" hose

old fuel rail


  • Cut a few sections of 5/16" hose
  • Remove o-rings and put those rubber sections on your injectors.
  • Put an old fuel rail on the working surface and insert the injectors in the holes. That's a nice stand for your injectors.
  • Then, get a turkey baster and use it to extract some fuel system cleaner.
  • Pour some fluid in each hose and let them sit for a while.
  • You can also apply some voltage to each injector to get the solution on both sides of the valves.
  • You also want to clean fuel rails and fuel lines out because any debris that are left there can clog your injectors again.


  • Don't use cheap or too strong fuel system cleaners. They can damage the rubber and plastic parts. Opt for good quality fluids that are not harmful to any fuel system components like hoses, pumps, and o rings.
  • Don't smoke while cleaning fuel injectors. Fuel system cleaners are inflammable.
  • Don't let the fuel system cleaner stain the outside of your car because it can damage the paint.
  • Don't forget protection. Wear safety gloves to protect your hands from chemicals.
  • Don't continue the process if you hear weird noised when you start your car. In this case, you'd better ask for some professional help.



So, that's how you clean your fuel injectors. That's a fairly easy process and you can do it yourself in your garage and spend a lot of money on professional auto mechanic. Clean your fuel injectors regularly to prevent serious problems in the future.

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